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The factbox template inserts a box on the top right of a page used to create a very rudimentary classification (and summary of key facts) of a page. The code is the following:

Great Kingdom of Lower Nirgendwo
country in Tairiku on Oosekai
Founded in 432.

Capital: Kyoxoto

GDP: incredibly low.

King: Toshitotta Kaba III

In which NAME is the full name of that what is described in the page (which is not necessarily identical to the page name); TYPE is the main classification, and should be in boldface and one of the following:

  • planet
  • country on/in (continent/planet)
  • region/city/etc. in (country/location/...)
  • language spoken in/on (...)
  • history of (...)
  • period of (...)

and DESCR is a very brief description or statement of key facts.

For example, the code for the factbox you see on the right here is generated by the following code:

{{Factbox|Great Kingdom of Lower Nirgendwo|'''country''' in [[Tairiku]] on [[Oosekai]]|Founded in 432.

Capital: Kyoxoto

GDP: incredibly low.

King: Toshitotta Kaba III}}

Note That 'Tairiku' (a continent name?) and 'Oosekai' (a planet name?) are both links to pages that do not (and should not) exist.

Because the location of the factbox may conflict with flags linking to translated pages, it is often better to place it a little bit lower on the page. If the factbox code is followed immediately by __TOC__ then it is placed on exactly the same height in the page as the table of contents. (If there is too much information in the factbox, it most likely will also conflict with other content. But, of course, having too much information in the factbox also clashes with its purpose as a quick and easy page (type) summary.)

factbox with map

The alternative template factboxmap does the same as the factbox, except that it has an additional argument, the first (!), which is intended to be a map file (with specification of width such that it fits in nicely between the factbox and the table of contents).

Note that text padding is determined by the single rectangle containing both factbox and map, and thus that if the table of contents and map are small, while the factbox is long, there will be a lot of white space under the map. In other words, if you want to use the factboxmap template, make sure that your factbox is not much longer than your table of contents.

factbox for a language

language spoken in Riliria
Total speakers: 1,549,000

Genealogical classification:



Basic word order: VSO
Morphological type: aglutinative
Morphosyntactic alignment: ergative-absolutive

To a large extent, a user is free to decide what facts about his/her creation he/she wants to put in the factbox. For a country capital, population, flag, etc. would be obvious choices. Next to this text, you can see a suggestion for a factbox for a language. Of course, not all of these categories are necessary for every language, and there may be other 'facts' that the creator wants to add. That's up to the creator of the language to decide. This is merely a suggestion.