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various useful templates

'main article' references

{{Main Article|Main Page}}
{{see|Main Page}}

results in:

Referencearrow.png Main Article: Main Page

For a list of all the "main article" reference templates (in English and other languages), see Category:Main Article Reference.


Replace single { and } by double to use.

  • {srf|text} : text : serif font (usually Times Roman).
  • {curs|text} : text : cursive font (which one depends on browser settings, but often this is Comic Sans).
  • {ssrf|text} : text : sana-serif font (Arial or Helvetica). (Because this is the standard font, this template is rarely useful.)
  • {small|text} : text : small text.
  • {size|120|text} : text : specify size of text (100=standard).
  • {clr|aa00aa|text} : text : specify color of text.
  • {box|400|text} :
create an indented text box; width (400) in points
  • {vert|text} :
     : vertical text. (This creates various formatting problems (as is the case here). Vertical text works best if it is the only content in a square table cell.)
  • {ovl|text} : text : overlined text. (Use <u> and </u> for underlining.)

see also: Useful HTML Codes