Gyrdja a Pryndim

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Gyrdja a Pryndim (English: West-Gurdia) is a province in the region of Gurdia in the Republic of the Vosks and the Gurds. It was formed in 1953, when the current administrative division of Voskia was created. It is the largest province on the island of Gurdia, bordering Gyrdja a Varior in the north, Gyrdja a Meridjòn in the east, Todģekc and the Ionian Sea in the south, and Jūşkē Ruģiā, Divis, the Strait of Divis and Lake Eşe in the west. The capital of the province is Màjmal, which also serves as the capital of the entire region of Gurdia.

In 2011, Gyrdja a Pryndim had 147,444 inhabitants. Its current Head of Province is Arben Turtulli.


The city of Màjmal is the capital of both the region of Gurdia (Gyrdja) and the province of Gyrdja a Pryndim. Historically, Màjmal also was the capital of the entire island, including the Voskian settlements in the west and south. The city is located south of the central point of the province, on an elevation between the rivers Dyşe, north of the city, and Marðe, on the south. In 2011, Màjmal had 114,895 inhabitants.

It has a rather byzantine/ottoman character, having been part of the Ottoman empire for many decades. Màjmal is home to the Amet Beg mosque, which is the largest religious building of Voskia.

Other towns

  • Şerbit (12,331)
  • Etyre (7,348)
  • Daşymkàstar (3,299)