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The Guelphian Quarterly is a quadannual publication of news and current affairs from Guelphia for an international audience. The newspaper is owned by Guelphian Media plc, and contains a selection of stories from the various domestic publications of that organisation. Initially only available in a printed format, in August 2012 the paper began publishing an online edition.

  • Spring 2017 edition: TBA
  • Winter 2017 edition: TBA
  • Autumn 2017 edition: TBA
  • Summer 2016/17 edition: TBA
  • Spring 2016 edition: Capital punishment suspended, State visit to Voskia
  • Winter 2016 edition: New FICT ambassador named, Referendum easily passes, High expectations for rugby team
  • Autumn 2016 edition: FICT Fair exceeds all expectations, From strength to strength: FICT meeting brings the goods, Date named for free trade referendum
  • Summer 2015/16 edition: Parliament dissolved, Democrats triumph in election win, New ministry named
  • Spring 2015 edition: Guelphia to expanded diplomatic presence in Kaupelan, Kingsbury prepares for inaugural FICT Fair, FICT Summit fails to find consensus on free trade changes, 56th Parliament ends, parties prepare for election, Guelphian candidates fail in FICT secretarial elections
  • Winter 2015 edition: Church names new Archbishop, New royal baby excites Guelphia
  • Autumn 2015 edition: FICT meeting a success, Minister promises review of free trade agreement, SDLP in shock after by-election losses
  • Summer 2014/15 edition: Nation blasted by ex-cyclone, Record turnout for Royal National Exhibition, New ambassador welcomed, Draft of revised FICT free trade agreement released, Air Force acquires new VIP transport planes, Kingsburians celebrate Christmastide.
  • Spring 2014 edition: Ashmarsh FC taste premiership success, Guelphia responds to Kaupelanese earthquake crisis.
  • Winter 2014 edition: Democrats mourn loss of former foreign minister Moore.
  • Autumn 2014 edition: Minor party candidate calls on government to offer asylum to Tarmoryan Royal Family, Government in shock after by-election defeat, Pomp and ceremony mark opening of Parliament.
  • Summer 2013/14 edition: Moore shocks government with sudden resignation, Ministerial appointments, Government refuses to be drawn on Tarmoryan diplomatic crisis.
  • Spring 2013 edition: Kaupelanese King and Queen visit capital, Guelphian business community responds warmly to Kaupelanese visit, Former Prime Minister ennobled, Soccer team return to heroes welcome, Ambassador to Kaupelan named.
  • Winter 2013 edition: Guelphian voters ratify FICT treaty.
  • Autumn 2013 edition: Date set for FICT ratification vote, Guelphia formally applies for FICT membership.
  • Summer 2012/13 edition: Guelphian membership of FICT: The scenarios, Senate committee report recommends FICT membership, Foreign Minister quizzed on Tarmoryan crisis, Parliament resumes for 2013.
  • Spring 2012 edition: Minister announces total smoking ban, RTG chairman, board at odds over advertising, Senate ponders new multilateral links, Highway safety criticised.
  • Winter 2012 edition: PM marks first 100 days in office, tertiary enrolments up.