Government of Pannonia

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The Tannenbaum government was formed after the elections in March 2015. It is a coalition of the environmentalist party Ö and the socialist party SP.

Tannenbaum-government (2015-....)

  1. Prime Minister: Roman Tannenbaum (Ö)
  2. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice Prime Minister: Beate Freud (SP)
  3. Minister of Interior: Alexi Dubran (SP)
  4. Minister of Culture and Sports: Maria von Braun (Ö)
  5. Minister of Defense: Halle de la Bretonnière (Ö)
  6. Minister of Economic Affairs: Victor Drabik (Ö)
  7. Minister of Energy: Maxim Markovic (SP)
  8. Minister of Finance: Milan Paley (Ö)
  9. Minister of Health: Zina Kreuzfeld (SP)
  10. Minister of Housing: Rodika Constantinescu (Ö)
  11. Minister of Infrastructure and Transport: Elena Macek (Ö)
  12. Minister of Justice: Radic Kovacs (SP)
  13. Minister of Agriculture and Mining: Jan Posa (SP)
  14. Minister of Nature and Environment: Alberto Bartok (SP)
  15. Minister of Education, Science and Information Technology: Georg Kaiser (Ö)