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'Geopoeia' is a compound of 'geo' and 'poeia', both from ancient Greek. 'Geo' (γεω) is the prefix form of 'ge' (γη) meaning 'earth' or 'world'. 'Poeia' is, like 'poetry', derived from ποίησις meaning 'creation'. Hence, 'geopoeia' means something like 'world-creation'. In Greek, the compound would be γεωποίησις (geopoiesis). The word 'geopoeia' is (intentionally) also a portmanteau of 'geography' and 'poetry', the former in reference to geofiction and worldbuilding as imaginary geography, the latter in reference to both language (language construction has also been called 'glossopoeia' by Tolkien, by the way), and to creative counterfactuality as art form.

It could be argued that 'geopoeia' means 'earth-creation' rather than 'world-creation', which strictly speaking is right. The Greek for 'world', 'order' or 'universe' - a much broader term that also could encompass language or countries (also 'worlds' in some sense) - is 'κόσμος' (kosmos), but in compounds (such as 'cosmology') that word is generally associated with 'universe' in a far broader or in an 'outer space' kind of sense, which is less appropriate fur much of the (intended) content of Geopoeia. Association with 'geography' seems more fitting than with 'cosmology'. Hence, the choice for γη/γεω rather than κόσμος.


The Geopoeia logo is a schematic version of a trans-section of a human head, showing nasal cavity, lips, teeth, tongue, and so forth - the part of our anatomy we use to speak. The round blue shape is, of course, a reference to (fictional) planets. In this way, the logo combines two of the key areas that Geopoeia intends to cover: conworlds (or geofiction) and conlangs.