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Geopoeia is a wiki and forum for and about conworlds, geofiction, conlangs, alternate histories, and uchronias. If you created a conworld, or a conlang, or an alternate history, you can help Geopoeia grow by adding pages about those. You can go in detail as much as you want, or keep it as broad as you want. There is no limit, except that whatever you add has to be related to 'creative counterfactuality', i.e. conworlds, geofiction, conlangs, alternate histories, uchronias, and so forth.

Don't worry if you don't know all the proper formating codes - others can help you by adding those later - or if your creation is still unfinished. Half written pages about projects that are still in development are also very welcome. (Actually following the progress of such a projects might be quite interesting.)

Please, do read the About Geopoeia page, however. It contains some basic rules, and a bit more information about the purpose of Geopoeia.

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