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Some or all of the following is out of date due to site upgrades.

The following is a list of kinds of Geopoeia users and their rights:

kind of user main user rights
  • read wiki pages
  • create an account (become a User)
User the above, plus:
the above, plus:
  • edit wiki pages
  • move (rename) wiki pages
  • read and post in the forums
the above, plus:
  • upload images
  • import pages from other wikis
  • have one's edits marked as trusted ('auto-patrolled')
Administrator / Sysop
the above, plus:
  • delete and undelete pages
  • move (rename) images
  • protect pages and edit protected pages
the above, plus:
  • godlike powers to control the universe and everything
special roles/powers related to the forums
Forum Mod (Moderator)
  • move and/or delete posts and threads
  • edit other users' posts
Forum Admin
the above, plus:
  • change forum settings

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