Galine Pańńiub-Koka

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Galine Pańńiub-Koka (Галіне Пањњіуб-Кока, born 6 August 1965 in Kosegińdrăt) is an Adzhatian politician and former leader of the Ĕrevi Śviveź (Friends of Europe). She became the country's minister of justice in April 2010 under prime minister Ŕanije Erijeź in a coalition government of the Secializdźiś (Socialists) and her own party. On 13 September 2011 the Socialists left the government and new elections were called for. It was decided that the Ĕrevi Śviveź would form a minority government until a new majority can be formed after the elections. Mrs. Pańńiub-Koka was the prime minister in this minority government. On 29 September however, the government fell after it became known that mrs. Pańńiub knew about a mass execution in the prison of Kusk in early 2011 that was hushed up as an 'unfortunate series of unrelated suicides'.

Mrs. Pańńiub-Koka is married to mr. Aśvĕĺ Pańńiub.

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