Fictional International Organizations

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There are a number of fictional international organizations (FIOs) of fictional earth countries. The following FIOs have pages on Geopoeia:

These organizations differ both on the geofictional level and on the participant-level.

comparison of FIOs: participant level

AGL is a FIO of earth-based countries founded by members of the Dutch Geofiction Association (but no longer a part thereof), and uses the Dutch language in all interaction. Both FICT and ExC are based on Geopoeia, are English language FIOs, and have no formal restrictions on (participant) membership.

The main difference between FICT and ExC concerns the balance between realism and the autonomy of the creator. While FICT respects the latter, and has, consequently, a more loose interpretation of realism (see Rules of FICT), ExC gives priority to the former, and consequently, somewhat restricts the autonomy of the creator. I.e., in ExC, the participants together can overrule a single participant if that single participant describes or defines something that the majority (after sufficient discussion) considers problematically unrealistic (see article 5.1.d of the Rules of Exumbra).

comparison of FIOs: fictional level

On the fictional level, the difference between FICT and ExC is twofold. Firstly, FICT is more focused on cultural cooperation and less on economic and scientific cooperation, while it is the other way around for ExC. Secondly, ExC is more ambitious than FICT, and consequently, has a larger budget and requires larger contributions from its member states. (There is, by the way, some overlap in membership and affiliations between FICT and ExC, which is largely due to the fact that the latter is a split-off from the former.)