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Famenta (Officially the Diarcracy of Famenta Island in English and Diarcrazia di Isole Famenta in Italian) is an island nation off the coast of Russia and Japan. Its capital is Gojian, the largest city is Jacopo City, and the official languages are English (most common) and Italian (mostly in the southeast, most common before the 1850's).


The origin of the name Famenta isn't completely known, but is most likely from the Wenqi word "Fêmtá-ne" which means "Bay". It could have also came from Achille Fente, who was the mayor of the first European colony on the island, Walecca.


A diarcracy is a mix between a democracy and a diarchy. There are two presidents, each with 4-year terms. There is a presidential election every two years. There is also a parliament, with 102 members: two representatives from each of the 49 states (except for Arrighetti, Concetto, and Jacopo, which all have 3 representatives) and one from the capital. The current presidents are Layton G. Ness and Meghan D. Forest.


Name of state (Abbreviaton)- Capital: Agrioli (AG)- Huntun, Ajam (AJ)- Ayakesh, Anslav (AN)- Downou, Arrighetti (AR)- Jaju, Atif (AT)- Gelou, Averill (AV)- Hefulier, Bannister (BN)- Chia, Battista (BT)- Ginsin, Borut (BO)- Latelan, Chester (CH)- Chesite, Cipriani (CI)- Afferattato, Concetto (CO)- Alloro, Cropper (CR)- Toneg, Disgleirio (DI)- Analogico, Gabrielli (GB)- Parlantina, Gatti (GT)- Cane, Gianni (GI)- Lucro, Gofrad (GO)- Andarfrodi, Haidar (HI)- Avere, Helder (HD)- Chioren, Heliodoro (HD)- Sheema, Holzer (HO)- Trager, Hutmacher (HU)- Bude, Isbrand (IS)- Daville, Itzal (IT)- Jeshi, Jacopo (JA)- Yage, Jotase Valley (JV)- Yusefu, Kaulana (KA)- Kower, Leander (LA)- Landechi, Leonid (LO)- Lunnad, Lodewik (LD)- East Macksh, Markovi (MR)- West Macksh, Maynard (MY)- Kebay, Meirson (ME)- Shanerzi, Morra (MO)- Doday, Nikolaos (NI)- Nilas, North Lamir (NL)- Beboja, Ovidio (OV)- Toyand, Placido (PL)- Difang, Raneri (RA)- Lana, Schuhart (SL)- Shinay, South Lamir (SL)- Nania, Stravos (ST)- Nuler, Taggune (TG)- Dapai, Tarkin (TR)- Tajin, Ubina (UB)- Shamo, Vanna-Finnin (VF)- Manbolla, Varkin (VR)- Warj, Yushua (YU)- Yushua City, Capital District (CD)- Gojian