FICT Short Term Visa Agreement (FSTVA)

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The FICT Short Term Visa Agreement (FSTVA) is an agreement between member states of the Forum for International Cooperation and Trade (FICT), open to observers, proposed to be adopted in the FICT Council Meeting of April 4, 2012, but approved in the FICT Council Meeting of June 26-28, 2012.

content of the agreement

The agreement states that participating states shall not require short term (3 months) visas for visiting citizens of other participating states.

participating states

All states that become members of FICT after June 28, 2012 are automatic participants in the agreement.

States that were already members on that date may need a ratification procedure. This depends on whether that member state legally allows its government to enter into 'additional treaties' as mentioned in article 59 of the Ísðor Treaty without separate ratification by parliament. Or alternatively, ratification is also not necessary if the parliament of that member state explicitly instructed its government to sign the treaty. (In the first case ratification is 'automatic', in the second case it is 'pre-approved'.)

Other participants, which can only be observers of FICT, need ratification after signature.