FICT General Assembly of November 7, 2015

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The sixth General Assembly of the Forum for International Cooperation and Trade (FICT) is the meeting of that body that was held on 7 November, 2015. The meeting took place in the Palace of Gûirapirã, in Porto da Mata, capital of Yutyrama.


  1. Opening and welcome
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Changes in the FICT Free Trade Agreement (FFTA)
  4. Frequency and hosts of the next FICT Games
  5. Any other business.
  6. Scheduling of the next General Assembly
  7. Closing of the meeting

Ad 3: Changes in the FFTA

Referencearrow.png Main Article: FICT Free Trade Agreement (FFTA)

Proposal is to eliminate item 3 of FFTA, the exclusion of unprocessed agricultural and unprocessed fishery products from the agreement. Although most member states agreed, Voskia would like to eliminate the now mandatory participation in the FFTA, so the proposal was again postponed to the next meeting.

Ad 4: FICT Games

Referencearrow.png Main Article: FICT Games

It was decided that FICT Games are hosted every odd year (2017, 2019, etc.), with the possibility of member states hosting additional tournaments that aren't FICT Games in between. Kaupelan will organise the 2017 Games.

Ad 5: Other business

Ad 6: Next GA

The next General Assembly will be held on 7 May 2016 in Bizet, the capital of the Republic of MAS.


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