FICT General Assembly of November 2020

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The sixteenth General Assembly of the Forum for International Cooperation and Trade (FICT) is the sixteenth meeting of that body. It is held as a video conference, coordinated by FICT in Port de Boiguehenneuc, on 8 November 2020.


Chairperson: the Secretary General Mr Zakaria Ismeghlah.

  1. Opening and welcome
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. The current situation in the member states (mostly concerning due to the corona crisis)
  4. A new election system of the Secretary General
  5. Any other business
  6. Scheduling of the next General Assembly
  7. Closing of the meeting

The current corona crisis and the impact of it on the member states

A new election system of the Secretary General

It is proposed that as of the end of the current term, i.e. 21 March 2021, the Vice Secretary General will be the ambassador of the member state alphabetically the next in line to become Secretary General. I.e.: if the Adzhatian ambassador is Secretary General, the ambassador from Amargo is the Vice General; in the following term, he will become the Secretary General, and the Guelphian ambassador will become Vice Secretary General, etc.

This system is adopted unanimously.

Any other business

For some time now there has been a discussion about a change of the logo of FICT. Is this still on the table? A collection of proposed designs can be found here.

This item is postponed to the next summit.


Full members

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