FICT General Assembly of May 6, 2017

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The ninth General Assembly of the Forum for International Cooperation and Trade (FICT) is the ninth meeting of that body. It is scheduled to be held on 6 May 2017 in Vítgarð, the largest city of Yukland.


  1. Opening and welcome
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Elaboration of the Juridical Committee of the Forum (JCF)
  4. FICT Games 2017
  5. Any other business
  6. Scheduling of the next General Assembly
  7. Closing of the meeting/Closing Dinner

Elaboration of the Juridical Committee of the Forum (JCF)

In accordance with article 27 and 28d of the Treaty of Ísðor, and with the decision made during the last General Assembly a draft regulation will be made of the JCF regulations which will be presented to the governments of the member states at the latest in April 2017. One point of discussion was if there should be (a pool of) permanent stand-by judges (and if they will be paid a stand-by fee or not) or if a judical committee will be created only whenever one is needed.

A Regulation on the establishment of the JCF was adopted and judges were appointed for the upcoming terms.

Referencearrow.png Main Article: FICT Juridical Committee of the Forum

Scheduling of the next General Assembly

The next meeting of the GA will be held in November 2017 in Amargo, in accordance with the system of rotation.


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