FICT Games 2017

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As defined in the FICT General Assembly of November 7, 2015, the Third FICT Games will be held in Kaupelan from June 2 to June 18, 2017. Ms Yabidi Watimahi was appointed by the Kaupelanese Ministry of Health & Sports as president of the Organising Committee for the FICT Games of 2017 – Komiti Ahingryahati Dauk 2017 (KAD17).

KAD17 defined Athletics, Cycling, Football, Sailing, Swimming, Triathlon and Volleyball as the sports for the Third Games, totalling 11 modalities for both men and women.

The Games

Table of FICT Games 2017

Participating Countries

Athletes of FICT Games 2017


  • MKA Kaupelanese Airlines
  • Ðormæn Skiptiggbank
  • Wituen Harit Eco Resort
  • NÝ - Norð Ýtkastigg
  • Darapali
  • Cayvá
  • Bureau National du Tourisme (برو نشنال لتمريت)
  • Fangtje Bikes
  • Tasiyaing
  • Maysorian Airways
  • Shad Devi Hotels & Tourist Resorts
  • Ǽsir Sports Technology
  • TéléRomanhe
  • Irtel

Table of Medals

Final Ranking

Rules for the Participants

Rules to Determine Scores and Results of the FICT Games