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Welcome to the portal of the Forum for International Cooperation and Trade (FICT).

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  • On the evening of November 30, the FICT Games of 2015 were officially opened by mr. Bryand Mâchefer, president of the Ilya Roman Organizing Committee for the FICT Games of 2015, followed by the presentation of all participating teams in the Jacques Urz-Bolhe stadium in Port de Boiguehenneuc and a spectaculair fireworks, all live broadcasted on both local television, internet and by satellite transmission directly to all the participating nations.
  • Ms Pēneupē Vavauzīc of Voskia succeeds Mr Mansour Agdiri of Tarmorya as Secretary General of the Conference of Ambassadors. (21 September)
  • The fourth FICT General Assembly was held in Port de Boiguehenneuc (Île de Romanhe) on 3 May 2014, during which a more flexible system to determine the FESD budget, as well as a proposal to review the free-trade agreement were adopted.
  • The FICT Games were held in Yutyrama from 3 to 17 November 2013. This first edition of the Games featured only men's soccer. All the member states participated with teams and the Games were won by Adzhatia.
  • During the General Assembly that was held on 4 May 2013 in Ashtinok (Adzhatia), Guelphia was admitted as a member and some minor decisions on the organisation of the FICT Secretariats were made. More substantial discussions involving the financing conditions of FESD and the proposed abolishment of the FICT Juridical Committee were postponed to the next General Assembly in order to allow the Conference of Ambassadors to discuss these subject more thoroughly. It was also decided that Yutyrama will host the first edition of the FICT Games in November 2013. (4 May)
  • A special General Assembly, requested by five member states, was held on 19 January 2013 to discuss the ongoing situation in Tarmorya. The General Assembly condemned the undemocratic regime in the country as well as the excessive amount of violence that has occurred during the recent months. Further, it adviced the Tarmoryan parties to accept an external mediator. More information here.
  • During the Council Meeting in Ísðor in June 2012, Yukland, the new Treaty of Ísðor is approved, so that it will replace the Treaty of Purikali on the moment it enters into force. The termination of the memberships of Chimor, Dhram Phá, Harrawi and Khusqaikama was confirmed by the Council, and Île de Romanhe and Voskia were admitted as new member states.