Exumbran Institute of Advanced Studies (EIAS)

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The Exumbran Institute of Advanced Studies (EIAS) is a scientific institute located in the mountain village of Kaaqoro in Khusqaikama, and is funded partially by the Exumbran Scientific Commission (ESC) and partially by its host country. EIAS was established formally by the Agreement on the Exumbran Scientific Commission, which entered into force with the Treaty of the Exumbran Convention, and which thereafter came to be known and treated as the Exumbran Council Regulation on the Exumbran Scientific Commission (ECR.ESC).


EIAS is a research institute focused at humanities, social sciences, and theoretical natural sciences. Technical, experimental, and applied science is beyond the scope of the institute, partly for financial reasons, partly for organizational reasons, and partly to avoid overlap with the Exumbran Institutes of Development and Industry (EIDI).


EIAS employs ten (10) full-time professors in the humanities, social sciences, and theoretical natural sciences. For each of these chairs, there is a staff of at least one associate professor and at least one assistant professor. All of these focus on research. Professors of all three levels have no educational obligations aside from the supervision of a number of PhD students and PostDocs. (At least three of the former and two of the latter per chair.)

EIAS is co-financed by ESC and its host country, Khusqaikama At least, the host country finances buildings, support staff, library and similar support costs.

The professors of the three levels together are the 'academic staff'; the PhD students and PostDocs together are the 'research assistants'. At most one third of the academic staff, and at most one third of the research assistants can have Khusqaian nationality. At most one sixth of each can have a non-Exumbran nationality; all others come from the various member states of the Convention.

Additionally, the institute offers work space, facilities, and funding (if necessary) for research within the institute's scope by proven excellent researchers from ExC countries. There are 20 such work spaces, but that number can be temporarily increased if necessary (and if funds are available). Normally such a work space is available for one year, but two or even three years is also possible in exceptional cases. Guest professors taking up these temporary work spaces are called 'temporary staff'.

Decisions on hiring full-time professors and on the broad research policies of EIAS are made by the Advisory Board (ESC-AB). All other decisions with regards to policy and hiring are made by the 'management team', which consists of the full-time professors and the 'director'. The director is the head of the support staff and is in charge of all non-academic matters. Additionally, the management team has three advisory members (without voting power), which are elected by staff members: one representing the research assistants (PhD students and PostDocs), one representing the associate and assistant professors, and one representing the temporary staff.


EIAS receives 8.5 mln US$ per year from the Exumbran Scientific Commission (ESC). The host country, Khusqaikama is expected to contribute at least the same amount.

notable researchers and visitors at EIAS

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