Exumbran Council Meeting of August 23, 2012

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On 23 August 2012, several government delegations have gathered in in Louise Charlotte, the capital of New Courland, following talks in Huenan for a new international organisation, the Exumbran Convention. If going according to plan, this Exumbran Convention will be formally founded during the ongoing meeting in Louise Charlotte.



The Treaty of the Exumbran Convention

The Secretary General

Candidates that have been mentioned so far:

The Vice Secretary General

Office location

This should be somewhere with good (air connections), which probably makes the smaller countries less suitable. Options would then be Kronenburg, Chimor, Huenan. Huenan would be willing to host if asked, but will probably not offer. Candidate cities to host the Office that have been mentioned so far:

  • Alexanderstad (Kronenburg) (offers to host Office, including smaller commissions such as EDC)
  • Lindavista? (Chimor)

Commission offices

These are: the Exumbran Development Commission (EDC), the Exumbran Scientific Commission (ESC) and the Exumbran Integration Commission (EIC). Regarding the Development Commission, executives should all be from countries that are not eligible for EDS funds and the main office should also be in a non-elligible country. That would mean Kronenburg or Huenan. (Otherwise, impartiality cannot be reasonably guaranteed.) EIC is small and should be in the main office. The same could be said for ESC, but it would also be possible to combine the ESC office either with EIAS or the coordinating office of EIDI. So if not incorporated in the main office, they could be hosted by ...:

Kronenburg proposes Reina Hobbema-Jager as EDC executive.

Investment Bank

The location of the Exumbran Social Investment Bank (ESIB). Contrary to the other three commissions, ESIB should probably be reasonably independent. ESIB could easily be located in one of the smaller countries. Countries that have offered to host ESIB:

  • Adzhatia
  • Harrawi
  • Kronenburg (but only if the Office won't be in Kronenburg)


The location of the Exumbran Institute of Advanced Studies (EIAS). Countries that are offering to host:

  • Adzhatia
  • Harrawi
  • Khusqaikama


The location of the coordination office Exumbran Institutes of Development and Industry (EIDI)