Dhram Phá Observer

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The Dhram Phá Observer is an irregularly appearing newsletter from the department of Southeast-Asian Studies of Fuuhian University (Huenan), which publishes similar newsletters on other countries in the region. (The main edition used to be printed, but is published in PDF format nowadays. Additionally, there is a very incidental email newsletter for urgent news.) The Dhram Phá Observer is generally considered to be one of the most authoritative sources of independent news and commentary on current events in Dhram Phá.

This page links to on-line editions of the Dhram Phá Observer containing a selection of news stories from the original edition (and from the email newsletter) in reverse chronological order (newest on top).

  • 2013 edition : Exumbran controversy (November 4); Niam publishes book (September 6 & 19); Exumbran Council Meeting (July 26); political observations (May 7); names in foreign languages (March 15); Central Committee changes (March 10).
  • 2012 edition : recognition Huenan (June 2); Niam Qhuat new chairman (May 20); Pák Thám deceased (May 7), hospitalized (April 25 & 28).

see also: Xuók Cu Quât.