Design and Methodology

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A 'methodology' is a collection of accepted methods to achieve results in a certain - usually academic - field. Whether Creative Counterfactuality has a 'methodology' (in this sense) can be debated, and even if it does, there certainly is no single methodology for the whole 'field'.

Nevertheless, there certainly are design guidelines for good counterfactual creations. (For what good means in this context, see the page on the Aesthetics of Counterfactuality.) Such guidelines are essentially design models: more or less simplified theories of how a physical geography, a culture, language, and so forth 'works' or fits together. These models are derived from descriptive science (physical geography, sociology, linguistics, etc.), and prescriptively applied to create something new that is possible according to the model. (See also Philosophy of Counterfactuality.)

For any aspect of counterfactual creation or design there are different models, design guidelines, or how to guides.

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