Daclec Tiðændjar - 2017

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Blœmagarð is the new premier

February, 2017 - After having the number of seats in the Ðiggshus reduced from 17 to 9 in the last parliamentary election, The Social-Democrat Party (LHD) had to include the Workers Party (VH) in the coalition LHD-LH to obtain absolute majority of votes and form the new government. Nevertheless, Helga Blœmagarð of the Socialist Party (LH) was chosen as prime minister in the place of Rœslin Óstfjœrd, putting end to 26 years of LHD hegemony.

The feeble electoral result of LHD is attributed to the poor performance of Yuklandic economy last year, figures indicating a GDP growth of only 1.15% and an increase in the unemployment rate from 3.5% to 4.6%. Revert this scenario will be a big challenge for the new government, especially if we consider the pressure of the traditional opposition Parties, ÐH and ÐRH, which together had a growth from 7 to 12 seats.

One of the initial tests for the new government will be the organisation of the next FICT General Assembly in Vítgarð, in May, almost five years after the famous summit where the Ísðor Treaty was proposed.