Daclec Tiðændjar - 2015

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The first gold medal in Île de Romanhe

December, 2015 - Yuklandic women are excelling in the FICT Games being played in the African country of Île de Romanhe. On December 6, Jœna Fjœrðborc received the first gold medal of the Games in women’s triathlon, followed by the Ilyaroman Yvelise Kérnes and Betsina Mahera, of Kaupelan. Women’s football is also doing well after two wins, 3-0 over the hosts in the opening game and 2-1 over Voskia. The expectance is that Yukland ends the Games among the top finishers.

Also on December 6, the triathlete Snœrri Norðlændi was in the first place in men’s triathlon when had his ankle broken after a fall. He travelled back in the night and arrived to Njémiðor Metropolitan Hospital in Vítgarð on Sunday, December 7. The hope is that he has a speedy recovery and be able to compete in Rio 2016, with his colleague Jœna.

This is the second edition of the Games that, after the last FICT General Assembly, will be played every odd year. So far the event is taking place smoothly and the only incident was a small earthquake in the morning of Saturday, 6.

Adzhatian minister of economic affairs visited Yukland

February, 2015 - On February 7, the Adzhatian minister of economic affairs, Ms Zăre Geŕvia-Saððei, paid a working visit to Yukland before going to Kronenburg, "to discuss the progress of the expansion of the economic ties between the three North-Atlantic countries".

During the visit, Ms Geŕvia-Saððei met the minister of finances & economy, Mr Frœr Blávic, the minister of science & technology, Ms Nastasja Fjœrðsgarð, the minister of foreign affairs, Mr Gabrjæl Kristjanssœn and a group of Yuklandic entrepreneurs and CEOs. It was discussed several possibilities of joint work in the areas of ICT, sustainable energy, arctic scientific research and tourism and aluminum smelting industry. The most promising joint venture, however, seems to be the creation of a joint bank. This was seen as particularly interesting if it includes Liga, another country being visited by the Adzhatian minister. This could reduce the fear of the Yuklandic financial sector that, in the case of admittance of Liga in FICT, it could be negatively affected by this country, very strong in this area.