Daclec Tiðændjar - 2014

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Kaupelan struck by a terrible earthquake

November, 2014 - On November 4, Kaupelan was struck by a fierce earthquake that left more than 100 fatalities. Yesterday prime-minister Rœslin Óstfjœrd sent condolences to the head of government of Kaupelan, Ms. Sindi Wisnumatan. On behalf of Yukland, Ms. Óstfjœrð offered all kind of aid to Kaupelan. Ms. Wisnumatan, by her side, thanked “the offer of help, from Yukland and also from Adzhatia, Voskia and Guelphia. All the aid will be welcome in this hard moment”. According to Kaupelanese press, international aid began to arrive to the country from Australia, Japan, US, Guelphia and other countries.

Mr Gullnaðor elected president

August 2014 - In the presidential election of last Friday, August 8, Álfrað Gulliðor won with 53% of the votes. At the age of 74, the former president Ýlf Haucssœn announced that he will retire after four decades of public services. The ceremony of inauguration for the new president is to be scheduled for September in the Norðháll Palace, in Ísðor.

The appointment of a new Tarmoryan ambassador causes embarrassment

March 2014 - The appointment of a new Tarmoryan ambassador to FICT – Mr Mansour Agdiri – replacing the the former one, Mr Yassine Burzkabram, one day before becoming the next Secretary General of the organisation caused awkwardness in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a similar reaction to that of two other FICT members, Voskia and Adzhatia. Mr Agdiri is completely unknown in the diplomatic circles and seems to lack any experience to lead the Forum for the next six months. “Although strictly speaking not against the rules of FICT, the decision of the interim president of Tarmorya caused some embarrassment. We would like to understand the motivation for this assignment by the Tarmoryan government”, the minister Gabrjæl Kristjanssœn said to TV yesterday.

Inquired by our newspaper, the Tarmoryan ambassador to Northern Europe, Jean François Temezirt, said by phone from the embassy in London that the name of Agdiri had already been discussed since January, but its final announcement had to wait until the Constitution were approved.

Some analysts however consider that the true reason for this attitude was a kind of defiance to those that were against Tarmorya to take the chair of SG of FICT, as an Adzhatian newspaper stated one month ago.