Daclec Tiðændjar - 2013

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The mayor of Vítgarð announces the seat of FESD and the renewal of bus fleet

May, 2013 - The mayor of Vítgarð, Jeffrey Kjær, announced that a recently renovated building of the nineteenth century in the neighbourhood of Konugg Johansðor will be used as seat of FESD, the FICT Fund for Economic and Social Development. “Vítgarð is ready to receive Mr. Karg’s staff”, the mayor said, referring to the city and director of FESD chosen in the last General Assembly of FICT held in Adzhatia.

Mr. Kjær also announced the purchase of ten electric buses for the city. According to him, the plan is to have all the city fleet electrified in five years. The mayor regretted that TNE - the joint-venture between JAV and a Kaupelanese company to manufacture electric buses - has not taken off. “Our preference would be to have this company as supplier of our fleet”, he added.

The Yuklandic government commented the Voskian report about FICT

April, 2013 - After the leakage of a confidential report from the ministry of foreign affairs of Voskia to the press expressing dissatisfaction with FICT, the minister Gabrjæl Kristjanssœn (LH) exhorted the Voskian government to propose changes to the organisation that fit its interests, in the next General Assembly. “Less than one year after membership, Voskia is already a very important member and we are sure that the country did not join FICT without a thorough judgment of its advantages. We agree that the progress has been slow and changes are necessary to make it really beneficial for all members even for the wealthier ones”, mr. Kristjanssœn said. “Yukland is currently the member with the highest income per capita and we consider that FICT can be useful for our country as a way to improve our economy among other less tangible benefits, like cultural exchanges, through associations and sharing experiences.”

A Yuklandic delegation will visit Kronenburg in May

April, 2013 - President Haucssœn and a delegation of state ministers are planning to visit the Kingdom of Kronenburg in May, in retribution to the visit of the royal couple to Yukland in February of 2012. During the visit, it is expected that the recent diplomatic and economic ties between both countries to be discussed, including the prospective airline joint-venture, with the participation of the state-owned Air Yukland (JKL) and businessmen of Kronenburg and Adzhatia. It is possible that the government representatives also meet the community of Yuklandic immigrants in that North American kingdom. Asked by reporters if the delegation would reinforce the invitation for Kronenburg to participate in FICT, the minister of foreign affairs Gabrjæl Kristjanssœn (LH) was vague, saying that "this is not in the agenda".

The visit is scheduled for the end of May, but the date depends on the General Assembly of FICT, not confirmed yet, but tentatively scheduled for the beginning of May.

After parliamentary elections, Óstfjœrð forms the new government

January, 2013 - Although having the number of seats in the Parliament reduced from 22 to 17, the Social Democrat Party (LDH) won the parliamentary election on January 20 and the coalition LDH-LH chose the new prime-minister, Rœslin Óstfjœrð (LDH). She takes the post with the challenge of recovering the country's economy amid the crisis in Europe.

In the ministry of foreign affairs, Brjenhild Franklændi was replaced by Gabrjæl Kristjanssœn. Most of the ambassadors remained the same. Liljan Merkinðor will be ambassador in India and the new FICT ambassador will be Jana Gunnarssœn, former ambassador to Africa based in Johannesburg. Ms. Gunnarssœn will be replaced by Friðric Gullnaðvíc. Among challenges in Africa, Mr. Gullnaðvíc will need to deal with the delicate situation in Tarmorya.

FICT Condemns Tarmoryan Regime

January, 2013- The special General Assembly held on January 19 discussed the crisis in Tarmorya after the coup d'état and the consequent violation of human rights and democracy in that country. The member states present in Kaupelan (only Tarmorya was absent) condemned the regime and required that the violence stops immediately. More punitive measures, however, were not approved by the Assembly, hoping to signalise as a proactive and peaceful attitude. A mediator was also proposed to negotiate with the involved parties and the prime minister of Île de Romanhe, mr. Guimarc Bonamy, accepted this incumbency.

Reports from abroad indicate that the acceptance of a mediator by the current Tarmoryan government will not be easy. On the other hand, the rebel parties - the Loyalists and the Socialists - agree with the intermediation of FICT.

In the meantime, the violation of the human rights continues in Tarmorya. Amadou Sanogo, leader of the Union of Tarmoryan Workers, was arrested last week after calling for a general strike requesting job guarantees and payment of unemployment wage. Marie Eddumaghin, an activist of the NGO Tarmoryan Women's Rights, was reported being murdered in prison.

On the eve of parliamentary elections, prime-minister Luc Pálssœn and the minister of foreign affairs Brjenhild Franklændi represented Yukland there, a clear indication of the importance of FICT to the current governmental coalition (LDH and LH).

Proposed a FICT General Assembly for Tarmorya

January, 2013- After the dramatic events in the Mediterranean kingdom of Tarmorya that culminated with a civil war, FICT Secretary General, Anatoĺ Bugănskie, proposed again a General Assembly to discuss actions to stop this unacceptable situation in that member state. The prime-minister Pálssœn declared yesterday, January 2, that Yukland supports "the great initiative of the Adzhatian diplomat and is ready to participate". With this declaration, the Yukkish government disagrees of another member state, Yutyrama, that affirmed yesterday, through its ambassador, José Mário Pessoa, to be contrary to such a meeting. According to the Yutyraman representative, this point should be first discussed at the conference of ambassadors before going, if necessary, to a General Assembly.

The kingdom of Tarmorya itself is also totally contrary to the event what is considered, according to the dictator, general Daqem Aghruz, "a unacceptable interference of FICT in the internal affairs of a member state".

A new player in the airline affair

January, 2013 - At the same time that the joint-venture between Air Yukland (JKL) and the Adzhatian government comes to an impasse, probably leading our state-owned airline to abandon the negotiations, a new Yuklandic enterprise is interested in participating instead. It's the Arctisk Ríðærjar Trips (ARTrips), a tour operator like its counterpart from Kronenburg, HoliDeal, but, in this case, specialised in travels to Arctic regions that expects to send North American and West European tourists to polar regions in Greenland, Scandinavia and Adzhatia from a basis in Yukland. This new players - ARTrips and HoliDeal - can change the business profile of the future joint-venture.