Daclec Tiðændjar - 2012

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A possible joint-venture in the air

December, 2012 - Air Yukland (JKL) through its spokeswoman Friða Gullnaðor, manifested enthusiasm with the possibility of a private joint-venture in the sector of air transportation now including Kronenburg, as recently highlighted by thepress of that North American kingdom. The frustrated attempt of JKL to purchase part of the bankrupted Adzhatian airlines, ACB, can have now a second round with the possibility of cooperation in the North Atlantic routes being considered by Kronenburg investors." It will be a long negotiation until finding a way of cooperation between investors of the three countries, but the process is promising", said Ms. Gullnaðor. The negotiation will require approval by the Yuklandic government to proceed, since Air Yukland is a state-owned company.

Kronenburg is seen as a potential partner of Yukland, since the visit of the royal couple in February, and this partnership can be helpful in this time of economic crisis. Furthermore, there are historical ties between both countries, considering the significant number of Yuklandic immigrants to Kronenburg in the first half of last century and, after the visit, cultural ties are increasing.

Incredible action of Tarmoryan rebels to protect the queen

November, 2012 - According to international sources, a group of rebels belonging to the Loyalist Front, a dissidence of the Tarmoryan Army lead by general Rebar Elghezere, removed queen Monique I and heir prince Yesib from the Royal Palace to protect them, in a risky and daring action. An helicopter of the dissidents transported the royal members to a safe place not revealed, possibly abroad. Some sources mentioned that the queen was transferred to Spain or even Voskia.

The queen was kept as the head of state, despite the coup d'état in May. According to analysts, the military junta decided to keep her in the throne to ensure the public opinion favourable to them. In practice however, the queen became only a figurative person, without any real power to rule the country. But there were rumours that even this situation could be changed and she could be murdered. Analysts speculate that the response of the government of general Aghruz will be extremely violent against the rebels. It's unknown yet how extensive and well organised is the opposition. It's also unknown if the Socialist Front, lead by Pierre Mir'Yassine, is aligned with the Loyalist Front.

The Yuklandic government did not yet manifest its position on the situation of Tarmorya, but the ambassador to FICT, Lilja Merkinðor, will consult other FICT members to have a common attitude.

Yukland sees Adzhatia as an important business partner

October, 2012 - Even not receiving any response from the Adzhatian government to the offer to its bankrupted airlines, ACB, Air Yukland (JKL) still considers some kind of cooperation with ACB. "We could have some kind of joint activities or partnership in Northern Europe", said Friða Gullnaðor, spokeswoman of JKL.

Another possibility of cooperation is the installation of a factory of JAV (Jœkklsk Atferðverc) in Adzhatia, to produce bus electric motors. JAV has a joint venture with a Kaupelanese company to manufacture buses in Kaupelan and is looking for a place to install a new factory with lower labour costs in comparison to Yukland.

So far, the Adzhatian government did not manifest any enthusiasm by those proposals.

Air Yukland bids for purchasing part of the bankrupted ACB

July, 2012 - Friða Gullnaðor, spokeswoman of Air Yukland (JKL), announced last Saturday, July 14, the intention of the company to invest up to 50 million dollars for recovering the Adzhatian ACB airlines, that declared bankrupt, one and half month ago. According to Gullnaðor, this could represent around one third of the total capital required to put the company back to life. Nevertheless, JKL can be not alone in the bidding. Based on the Adzhatian press, the minister of traffic, Vladislaf Tŭĺĺak, visited Kronenburg to look for investors, like the O3 Investment company. It is unclear yet how the government of Adzhatia will react to the possibility of having the Yuklandic company as one of the major shareholders of ACB.

FICT is renewed after the Summit of Ísðor

June, 2012 - As stated by president Haucssœn in the opening speech, FICT is like "a tree that needs to have most of its branches pruned so that it can grow more consistently and flourish". His hope, as spoken to the press after the meeting, is that the new organisation, smaller and without part of the members, can be more effective in the cooperation than it had been previously. The main outcomes of the summit - that was held between June 26 and 28 - were the new treaty and the new organisational structure, that will focus more on the social, cultural and economic cooperation and less in the scientific research. Two new countries that agreed with this vision applied for membership and were admitted: Île de Romanhe and Voskia. A special commission was also approved by the Council to review the problems that lead to the rupture after the Summit of Dhram Phá, aiming to correct current FICT direction.

The Summit of Ísðor

May, 2012 - After the disastrous council meeting of Dhram Phá in the beginning of April, most member states of FICT, the Forum for International Cooperation and Trade, decided to leave the organisation. Out of the nine members, only four countries - Kaupelan, Yutyrama, Tarmorya and Yukland - expressed the desire to stay in it. Our government offered to host a summit with the purpose of defining the directions of the renewed FICT. The minister of foreign affairs, Brjenhild Franklendi, confirmed the presence of the four remaining members at the Summit of Ísðor in the last of week of June. Other two states, one former member, Adzhatia, and one new, Île de Romanhe, are interested in participating but did not confirm their presence in the meeting.

The Visit of the Royal Couple

February, 2012 - King Ernst Frederik and queen Isabel of the Kingdom of Kronenburg completed yesterday the three day state visit to our country. During the visit to Vitgarð, Ísðor and Gesiðvindasjésla, they had several meetings with politicians and businessmen and some agreements were outlined. President Haucssœn was also invited to visit the North American kingdom. The only incident was a protest of a group of anarchists when the entourage left the art museum in Vitgarð. The police dissolve the group and identified among the protesters, Grím Óstfjœrði, the leader of Séðvífa X (the Witches' X), a straight edge punk band of Njebrjegginðor.