Daclec Tiðændjar - 2011

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State Visit of the Kingdom of Kronenburg

November, 2011 - The royal couple and a state delegation of the Kingdom of Kronenburg confirmed a three-day visit toYukland in February, 2012. The prime-minister Luc Pálssœn sees the visit as an important opportunity to improve the relationship with this important country. According to Mr. Pálssœn, "This will be a good opportunity to both countries to know each other better. We can look toward possible trade agreements with our friends of West Atlantic in the near future". In the event, the Yuklandic head-of-state should also reinforce the invitation for Kronenburg to participate of FICT, the Forum for International Cooperation and Trade.

New Currency

October, 2011 - The Yuklandic parliament approved a package of economic countermeasures to reduce the external debt, including unpopular cuts in the government budget for 2012. The leader of the Nationalist Party (ÐH), Ýlfar Ludvicssœn, accuses the social-democrat government by the crisis, stating that "they are unable to conduct the country back to the way of growth and wealth". The socialists, on the other hand, traditionally allied of the government, also fear that the measures will not avoid the increasing unemployment. It was also approved by the parliament the replacement of the currency, the Yuklandic Kron (JKK) by the Yuklandic Mark (JKM), to be effective from December 1st on. New banknotes of 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 are to be issued.