Bulletin of FICT Games 2017

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This bulletin is a summary of the events of the FICT Games held in Kaupelan, in 2017. For the overall classification, see the Table of FICT Games 2017.

May 29

A suspicion of a bomb caused the Nuno Kautamakuwa International Airport to be closed for three hours. After investigations, police confirmed that it was a false alarm and the situation was back to normality, in a day that tourists and delegations started to arrive to the country.

The presence of heavily armed military personnel at the strategic points of the country is viewed with concern by journalists and sports authorities, fearing that this would frighten foreign fans and tourists. Minister of Defence Wasahi Aramduhun, however, said that game security is a top priority to ensure the tranquillity of everyone.

May 31

Many authorities from FICT countries have confirmed already their presence in the opening ceremony of June 2: the president of Harrawi, Mr. Hupilulyum Yepreshias, the president of Île de Romanhe, Mr. Aristde Faroz-Zaran, the president of Voskia, Mr. Başkim Arhali, the president of Yukland, Mr. Álfrað Gullnaðor, the president of Yutyrama, Ms. Ceci Pyrãcé; the minister of sports of MAS, Mr. Vijay Banerjee, the minister of sports of New Courland, Ms. Carolyn Mowbray-Davis; the ambassadors of Adzhatia, Mr. Anatoĺ Bugănskie and Mr. Konstantiń Govorŏv and the ambassador of Tarmorya, Mr. Yesib Borzalle. From the host country, HM King Kira II, which will make the opening speech, and Prime Minister Sindi Wisnumatan will be present.

June 2

On a pleasant evening, with temperatures around 25°C, an audience, not only of Kaupelanese fans but from the other FICT countries, made a colourful and joyful celebration in the opening of the Games. Folkloric presentations by the member states and the parade of delegations – more than 900 athletes of 13 countries – opened the event. The ceremony was finalised with the speeches of FSTS director Acauã Nonato and of HM King Kira II.

June 3

The Games started on Saturday with 8 matches, 4 in men’s volleyball and 4 in women’s football.

Men’s Volleyball

  • (G1) Guelphia - Yutyrama 3-1
  • (G2) Kaupelan - New Courland 3-1
  • (G3) Île de Romanhe - Harrawi 2-3
  • (G4) Adzhatia - MAS 3-0

Women’s Football

  • (G1) Yutyrama - MAS 3-1
  • (G1) Guelphia - Amargo 0-0
  • (G2) Yukland - Kaupelan 4-0
  • (G2) Adzhatia - Île de Romanhe 1-1

The winners of 2015 kept their favouritism winning their respective matches: Yutyrama and Yukland, respectively gold and silver medal in women's football, beat their opponents. In men's volleyball, Guelphia (gold) and Kaupelan (silver) did the same. The only surprise was the victory of Harrawi's volleyball team over Île de Romanhe (silver medal in 2015), 3-2.

June 4

On this rainy Sunday, FICT Games proceeded with the following matches:

Women's Volleyball

  • (G1) Voskia - Kaupelan 3-1
  • (G1) New Courland - MAS 3-2
  • (G2) Île de Romanhe - Guelphia 2-3
  • (G2) Adzhatia - Pannonia 2-3

Men's Football

  • (G1) Adzhatia - Kaupelan 2-1
  • (G2) Tarmorya - Guelphia 2-0
  • (G3) Voskia - New Courland 2-2
  • (G3) Yutyrama - Île de Romanhe 2-2
  • (G4) Yukland - Pannonia 1-0

Although the hosts were defeated in the first men's football match, a national passion, the result against the strong Adzhatian team (champion in both previous edition of the games) was considered fair by Kaupelanese fans. Many of them regret that Slava Mariecei, coach of Adzhatia in 2013 and 2015, is not coaching Kaupelan, like rumours that spread in the beginning of the year.

June 5

On another cloudy day with some drizzle, men's volleyball and women's football had the following games:

Men's Volleyball

  • (G1) Voskia - Guelphia 2-3
  • (G2) Amargo - Kaupelan 2-3
  • (G3) Pannonia - Île de Romanhe 3-2
  • (G4) Tarmorya - Adzhatia 3-1

Women's Football

  • (G1) MAS - Guelphia 2-3
  • (G1) Amargo - Voskia 1-0
  • (G2) Kaupelan - Adzhatia 2-3
  • (G2) Île de Romanhe - Pannonia 1-2

With these results, Guelphia and Kaupelan are classified in the first place to next phase of men's volleyball, respectively in Group 1 and 2; first place is still undefined in Group 3, with Harrawi and Pannonia disputing, and in Group 4, with Adzhatia and Tarmorya.

Women's football is still undefined, with more chances to Guelphia and Amargo in Group 1 and Adzhatia, followed by Yukland and Pannonia in Group 2.

June 6

The following games were disputed on this sunny Tuesday:

Women's Volleyball

  • (G1) Kaupelan - New Courland 3-2
  • (G1) MAS - Amargo 2-3
  • (G2) Guelphia - Adzhatia 2-3
  • (G2) Pannonia - Yutyrama 3-2

Men's Football

  • (G1) Amargo - Adzhatia 2-3
  • (G2) Harrawi - Tarmorya 2-1
  • (G3) Île de Romanhe - Voskia 1-0
  • (G3) New Courland - Yutyrama 0-1
  • (G4) MAS - Yukland 1-2

With these results Adhzatia in Group 1 and Yukland in Group 2 are confirmed in the first place for next phase, in men's football. The other groups remain undefined. In women's volleyball both groups are still undefined, with Pannonia better positioned in Group 2.

June 7

Today, decisive matches happened in men's volleyball. The round was completed with 4 women's football matches:

Men's Volleyball

  • (G1) Yutyrama - Voskia 1-3
  • (G2) New Courland - Amargo 3-2
  • (G3) Harrawi - Pannonia 1-3
  • (G4) MAS - Tarmorya 2-3

Women's Football

  • (G1) Yutyrama - Amargo 3-0
  • (G1) Voskia - Guelphia 0-2
  • (G2) Yukland - Île de Romanhe 2-2
  • (G2) Pannonia - Adzhatia 2-1

Guelphia and Voskia in Group 1, Kaupelan and New Courland in Group 2, Pannonia and Harrawi in Group 3, and Tarmorya and Adzhatia in Group 4 are classified for the next phase in men's volleyball. In women's football, Guelphia, Yutyrama, Pannonia, Yukland and Adzhatia are better positioned, but final rank is not yet defined.

For tomorrow, attention moves to Purawatu where the sailing events start. Forecast is of good weather for the region, temperatures between 27 and 25 degrees Celsius.

June 8

On this Thursday, 4 modalities were disputed:

Men's and Women's Sailing

The first round of both competitions was disputed with good winds and good weather. For the decisive day, tomorrow, forecast is of rain and scrambled sea which can cause problems to the dispute, risking of being postponed.

Women's Volleyball

  • (G1) Voskia - MAS 3-1
  • (G1) Amargo - New Courland 2-3
  • (G2) IR - Pannonia 2-3
  • (G2) Yutyrama - Adzhatia 2-3

Men's Football

  • (G1) Kaupelan - Amargo 1-1
  • (G2) Guelphia - Harrawi 1-0
  • (G3) Voskia - Yutyrama 0-0
  • (G3) Île de Romanhe - New Courland 1-0
  • (G4) Pannonia - MAS 1-1

For the next phase in men's football, Adzhatia and Amargo were classified in Group 1, Tarmorya and Harrawi in Group 2, Île de Romanhe and Yutyrama in Group 3, and Yukland and MAS in Group 4. With the 1-1 draw against Amargo, the hosts, like in the two previous editions of the Games, left the competition in the first phase with Watera Stadium in a deep silence.

June 9

On this Friday, the drizzle in the evening did not affect the competitions and the first medals of FICT Games were given in men's and women's sailing. Furthermore, there were 4 mathces of men's volleyball quarter-finals and 4 matches of women's football.

Men's Sailing - Laser

  • Gold medal: Singa Wisnuwarsa (Kaupelan)
  • Silver medal: Abir Khan (MAS)
  • Bronze medal: Maurice Dyen (Tarmorya)

Women's Sailing - Laser Radial

  • Gold medal: Aya Tashfin (Tarmorya)
  • Silver medal: Karolīna Ločmele (New Courland)
  • Bronze medal: Ģianniē Klādeçers (Voskia)

Men's volleyball

  • (A) Guelphia - New Courland 3-2
  • (D) Tarmorya - Voskia 3-2
  • (B) Kaupelan - Harrawi 3-2
  • (C) Pannonia - Adzhatia 3-2

Women's football

  • (G1) Guelphia - Yutyrama 2-1
  • (G1) MAS - Voskia 1-2
  • (G2) Kaupelan - Pannonia 0-3
  • (G2) Adzhatia - Yukland 0-2

June 10

After six days dominated by collective sports, yesterday sailing inaugurated the table of medals with individual sports. Today, 4 disputes for medal in athletics changed the ranking of countries in the Games. Saturday ended with 4 women’s volleyball matches.

Men's Athletics – 100m

  • Gold medal: Otaŕ Źarcvek (Adzhatia)
  • Silver medal: Abdurash Muwusheu (Harrawi)
  • Bronze medal: Bautasars Artūzēs (Voskia)

Women's Athletics – 100m

  • Gold medal: Ģianniē Aştūģiuvs (Voskia)
  • Silver medal: Măććeib Iĺić (Adzhatia)
  • Bronze medal: (name?) (Amargo)

Men's Athletics – 400m

  • Gold medal: Abdul Rahman (MAS)
  • Silver medal: Issa Agherwizen (Tarmorya)
  • Bronze medal: (name?) (Amargo)

Women's Athletics – 400m

  • Gold medal: Sabrine Barshmal (Tarmorya)
  • Silver medal: Melpomenì Kore (Voskia)
  • Bronze medal: (name?) (Pannonia)

Women's volleyball

  • (G1) Kaupelan - Amargo 2-3
  • (G1) New Courland - Voskia 2-3
  • (G2) Adzhatia - Île de Romanhe 3-2
  • (G2) Guelphia - Yutyrama 2-3

After these results, Voskia is leading Group 1 followed by Amargo and Pannonia and Adzhatia lead Group 2 in women's volleyball. The overall ranking shows Tarmorya in the first place with 2 gold medals, followed by Voskia, MAS and Adzhatia. According to sport commentators, the leadership of Tarmorya will be difficult to be sustained due to the lack of participation in several sports.

June 11

On a sunny Sunday, the competitions of cycling were disputed by 134 km between the cities of Bandajaya and Purikali, through the eastern coast of the island of Kiwangar. Women's football had it's last round of the first phase and men's football had 2 matches of the quarter finals.

Men's Cycling – Road Race

  • Gold medal: Jaguaratã Magalhães (Yutyrama)
  • Silver medal: Grím Rasmussen (Yukland)
  • Bronze medal: Nikita Boredin (Adzhatia)

Women's Cycling – Road Race

  • Gold medal: Zăre Volkŏv-Treśiħin (Adzhatia)
  • Silver medal: Kyani Daherayen (Kaupelan)
  • Bronze medal: Éðœra Svarðfljœð (Yukland)

Women's football

  • (G1) Yutyrama - Voskia 3-1
  • (G1) Amargo - MAS 1-1
  • (G2) Île de Romanhe - Kaupelan 0-2
  • (G2) Yukland - Pannonia 1-1

Men's football

  • (A) Adzhatia - Harrawi 1-1 (0-2)
  • (B) Tarmorya - Yutyrama 3-0

A large number of Kaupelanese fans followed the cycling race on the roads of Kiwangar and celebrated the country's second medal conquered in the women's competition.

In women's football, the results confirmed for the semi-finals, Guelphia and Yutyrama in Group 1 and Pannonia and Yukland in Group 2. The big surprise of the day was Harrawi in men's football beating in the penalties (2-0) the favourite Adzhatia (champion in this modality in the previous Games of 2013 and 2015). The disappointment of Adzhatian fans was compensated by the great performance in cycling, conquering two medals.

June 12

On Monday, the last 4 matches of the first phase were disputed in women's volleyball, 2 semi-finals of men's volleyball and 2 quarter-finals of men's football.

Women's volleyball

  • (G1) MAS - Kaupelan 2-3
  • (G1) Voskia - Amargo 3-0
  • (G2) Île de Romanhe - Yutyrama 3-2
  • (G2) Pannonia - Guelphia 2-3

Men's volleyball

  • (I) Guelphia - Pannonia 3-1
  • (II) Kaupelan - Tarmorya 3-2

Men's football

  • (C) Île de Romanhe - MAS 2-1
  • (D) Yukland - Amargo 1-2

In Group 1 of women's volleyball, Voskia had a flawless performance winning the 4 matches, ending in the first place. In the second place, New Courland, Amargo and Kaupelan had 2 victories and 2 defeats each. New Courland passed to semi-finals by the difference of sets, better than the others. In group 2, both Adzhatia and Pannonia had 3 victories each, and same difference of set. Pannonia, with better scores in all sets was classified in the first place, Adzhatia in second.

In men's volleyball, the final will be disputed between Guelphia and Kaupelan, repeating the final of 2015. Pannonia and Tarmorya will dispute the bronze medal.

In men's football, Île de Romanhe and Amargo were classified to the semi-finals.

Tomorrow, both men's and women's triathlon will be disputed in the island of Nilau and the semi-finals of women's football will be disputed.

June 13

June 13 started with triathlon in the city of Felihat. The competitions had swimming for 1.5 km in the bay of Felihat, cycling for 40 km in the road between Felihat and Beleya and running for 10 km in the same road. The road had to be interdicted to traffic most part of the day. The semi-finals of women's football were disputed in Purikali and Bandajaya.

Men's triathlon

  • Gold medal: Tarqis Hezbani (Tarmoryan)
  • Silver medal: (name?) (Pannonia)
  • Bronze medal: Laimdots Pavlovičs (New Courland)

Women's triathlon

  • Gold medal: Jœna Fjœrdborc (Yukland)
  • Silver medal: Corrina Gibbs (Guelphia)
  • Bronze medal: Gaļina Baumeistere (New Courland)

Women's football

  • (I) Guelphia - Yukland 0-2
  • (II) Pannonia - Yutyrama 0-0 (4-3)

Both Tarqis Hezbani and Jœna Fjœrdborc repeated the victory of 2015 in triathlon. In women's football, Yukland and Pannonia will dispute the gold medal.

June 14

Results of this Wednesday in women´s volleyball (semi-finals), in men's football (semi-finals) and men's volleyball (bronze medal dispute):

Women's volleyball

  • (I) Voskia - Adzhatia 2-3
  • (II) Pannonia - New Courland 2-3

Men's volleyball

  • Pannonia - Tarmorya 2-3

Men's football

  • (I) Harrawi - Île de Romanhe 1-1 (3-2)
  • (II) Tarmorya - Amargo 3-0

Therefore, Adzhatia and New Courland will play for the gold medal in women's volleyball and Harrawi and Tarmorya in men's football. Harrawi, 10th place in 2015, after eliminating Adzhatia and now defeating Île de Romanhe in the penalties is the most surprising team in the dispute.

Tarmorya got the bronze medal. Even with the smallest number of athletes of all participants, 46, and against the expectance of most sport commentators, Tarmorya keeps following in the first place in the Table of Medals.

June 15

On Thursday, swimming competitions were disputed in the Terong Dauk Humak Nangi and also the final match of men's volleyball.

Swimming 100 m freestyle - men

  • Gold medal: Eddie Sandiford Jones (New Courland)
  • Silver medal: Lionel Grand-Bois (Île de Romanhe)
  • Bronze medal: Adolf Leńkićuk (Adzhatia)

Swimming 100 m freestyle - women

  • Gold medal: Anna Lorenceti (Voskia)
  • Silver medal: Lidije Olak (Adzhatia)
  • Bronze medal: Ana Paula Almeida (Yutyrama)

Swimming 200 m medley - men

  • Gold medal: Sigurð Ascfjál (Yukland)
  • Silver medal: Şafer Aliş (Voskia)
  • Bronze medal: Lawson Simmons (Guelphia)

Swimming 200 m medley - women

  • Gold medal: Anna Dudli-Hajadragi (Voskia)
  • Silver medal: Mary Douglas-Adams (New Courland)
  • Bronze medal: Kristjana Ríðæri (Yukland)

Men's volleyball

  • Guelphia - Kaupelan 2-3
  • Gold medal: Kaupelan
  • Silver medal: Guelphia
  • Bronze medal: Tarmorya

Repeating the final of 2015, Kaupelan got its revanche against Guelphia taking the gold medal in men's volleyball in the crowded Circus Magnus. The victory was a kind of compensation for Kaupelanese fans after the frustrating eleminations in football.

June 16

The water marathon was disputed in a distance of 10 km through the Straight of Libaru, betwwen the islands of Kiwangar and Wisanu on this Friday. The bronze medal was disputed in the women's football:

Water marathon - men

  • Gold medal: Balthasar Egmund (New Courland)
  • Silver medal: Kamak Nuhu (Kaupelan)
  • Bronze medal: Ahktar Alauddin (MAS)

Water marathon - women

  • Gold medal: Erẽ Assis (Yutyrama)
  • Silver medal: Ħristine Koĺĺăk-Bŕeg (Adzhatia)
  • Bronze medal: Syelina Aramwaruhi (Kaupelan)

Women's football

  • Guelphia - Yutyrama 0-1

June 17

The last weekend of FICT Games started with the disputes of bronze medal in men's football in Irnik and women's volleyball in Bandajaya, and the final of women's football in Purikali:

Men's football

  • Île de Romanhe - Amargo 0-1

Women's volleyball

  • Voskia - Pannonia 3-2

Women's football

  • Yukland - Pannonia 0-1

So, women's football ended with the following ranking:

  • Gold medal: Pannonia
  • Silver medal: Yukland
  • Bronze medal: Yutyrama

June 18

The last day of competitions came with 4 events: marathon (men and women) and the final matches of women's volleyball and men's football. And some surprises happened on this Sunday:

Men's marathon

  • Gold medal: Blake Linwood (Guelphia)
  • Silver medal: Cyprien Varq-Faroz (Île de Romanhe)
  • Bronze medal: Odişēs Vezizus (Voskia)

Women's marathon

  • Gold medal: Vera Kush (MAS)
  • Silver medal: (name?) (Amargo)
  • Bronze medal: Cícera Bastos (Yutyrama)

Women's volleyball

  • Adzhatia - New Courland 2-3
  • Gold medal: New Courland
  • Silver medal: Adzhatia
  • Bronze medal: Voskia

Men´s football

  • Harrawi - Tarmorya 2-0
  • Gold medal: Harrawi
  • Silver medal: Tarmorya
  • Bronze medal: Amargo

In men's marathon, the favourites Anil Sokrash (MAS) and Muad Sedbi (Tarmorya), respectively gold and silver medal in Île de Romanhe 2015, have not finished in the first places, and the victory of Blake Linwood (Guelphia) was incontestable under the applauses of thousands of people in the streets of Purikali. In women's marathon, Vera Kush showed the strength of MAS on competitions of running. The loss of medal in these last competitions prevented Tarmorya of being the champion of the Games.

In men's football, Harrawi confirmed its good phase, defeating Tarmorya (second place in 2015) by 2-0, after defeating Adzhatia (first place in 2013 and 2015) in the quarter-final.

In the final ranking, Voskia became the champion of the Games, followed by New Courland and Tarmorya tied in the number of medals. Adzhatia and Yukland followed in the fourth and fifth places. The FICT Games 2017 ended with a closing ceremony at night in Watera stadium, with the presence of His Majesty King Kira II, several authorities from the member states.