Bulletin d´Île de Romanhe 37

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(November 2015) Public prosecutor launches investigation into alleged corruption by the president.

(Port de Boiguehenneuc) Only some weeks before the start of the FICT Games, the public prosecutor of Île de Romanhe has launched an investigation into alleged corruption by president Faroz-Zaran. The investigation applies to the construction of the football stadium "Stade de Jacques Urz-Bolhe", that was build especially for the football championships of the AGL in 2013 and where soon also the football matches for the FICT Games will be held. Possibly the investigation can be expanded with several more cases, but right now he will and cannot give more information until he has finished his investigation, the prosecutor said on a press conference. Informed sources say though that the prosecutor is looking at the connections between the president and the constructing company, Zheng Constructions, which build the stadium and that this company had paid more than one hundred million IR Francs (more than a million US dollar) in to an account, possibly belonging to the president himself, in a foreign bank. Zheng Constructions would have paid this amount to the president in order to get exclusive contracts for the most lucrative construction projects going on right now. Due to the strong economic growth of the past years, Île de Romanhe experiences a huge building boom and many companies try to get contracts for building projects. If the prosecutor succeeds in proving that the president has accepted bribes for building contracts, it will almost surely lead to the deposition of Faroz-Zaran. Many citizens in Île de Romanhe have been demonstrating for months now, accusing him for just corruption and demanding him to go and they are happy about the news of the investigation. Many say though, it will possibly go the Ilya Roman way, meaning that monsieur le procureur général will lay down the investigation for "lack of evidence" after some years, but in fact fears just to be fired.

(November 2015) Free Trade Agreement unchanged. Leaders on FICT-summit could not agree about removal of exceptions.

(Porto da Mata, Yutyrama) No decision was taken on the conference of FICT that was held in Porto da Mata, the capital of Yutyrama, about the removal of the last exception in the free trade agreement (fish and agricultural products), although most delegations had expected this proposal would be accepted. Tarmorya, and the Republic of MAS too, declared to be against the removal of the exception in the agreement. Voskia demanded suddenly that the automatic participation in the agreement should be discussed (i.e. taken away) so the agreement would be on a voluntary basis for the member states, so finally the proposal was postponed to the next meeting in May 2016. The Ilya Roman delegation declared it was a pity that the member states could not agree about this important matter and in stead postponed it to the next GA. Our country, with its fast growing population, is heavily depending on the import of food, especially of agricultural products, and the Ilya Roman government is strongly in favor of the change in the free trade agreement, which most likely will make imported agricultural products from other FICT member states cheaper.

Maybe the only point of signification on which the General assembly could agree were the FICT Games which from now on will be organized every second year. The next Games, after the Games in our country that will take place within only some weeks, will be held in Kaupelan in 2017 and other years the member states can organize sports tournaments if they wish to do so. Other points were the (re)appointment of the directors of FSTS, FESD och FSTE before the meeting suddenly was interrupted by a power failure.

(September 2015) Alliance of Fictional States welcomes new member state.

(Port de Boiguehenneuc) On September 20 the Alliance of Fictional States held its conference in Port de Boiguehenneuc and on this meeting the application for membership of the republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran was accepted. Prime minister Keztil-Surt and the Marckonian PM, mrs. Wassiljevska, declared that they were happy to welcome another nation in the alliance and that the membership of this republic could help the country in its strive for better international cultural contacts, as is the goal of the alliance. A new member state means possibly also that the alliance now could start acting more actively after a quite long period in which many feared for the bare survival of the alliance, that until now consisted of only two countries, our country and the North-European kingdom of Marckonia.

(June 2015) Île de Romanhe joins African Tripartite Free Trade Area

(Cairo, Egypt) President Faroz-Zaran signed the agreement on the Tripartite Free Trade Area, and by this Île de Romanhe joined the biggest free trade zone in Africa. 27 African countries agreed on the summit in Egypt about creating this free trade zone (which later even would be the subject of negotiations during the African Union summit in South Africa).