Bohatiŕ Kerećei

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Bohatiŕ Kerećei (Боґатіʀ Керечеі, born 6 May 1960 in Kercei) is an Adzhatian diplomat and, as such, the first and current Permanent Representative of Adzhatia in the Permanent Preparational Office of the Exumbran Convention. He was appointed as of 1 September 2012, although the Adzhatian parliament still had to ratify the Treaty of the Exumbran Convention at that time. Kerećei previously served as ambassador in Russia (2009 - 2012) and Turkmenistan (2004 - 2009).

Kerećei is married to Oĺdźe Păviak, the owner of a well known beauty parlour in Ashtinok; they have two children.

Adzhatian Permanent Representatives in the Exumbran Convention
· Bohatiŕ Kerećei (incumbent since 2012) ·
Current Permanent Representatives to the Exumbran Convention
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