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Flag of Biangsinglia.

Biangsinglia (Biangsinglianese: בְַנגסְבגלְַ), officially known as the People's Union of the Democratic Socialist States of Biangsinglia (PUDSSB) (Biangsinglianese: לְַכְֶנֹפְַ תֶ דְמַכֹנסֹסְַלְסתכְַ תֶ בְַנגסְבגלְַ) is a federation of 15 states located in the western half of the Pointochinikian Island. The federation is said to be one of the most diverse population in the Asperic Ocean, as it has various ethnic groups, including Bayan-Imans, Biyanas, Lieshowells and Tototakans making up the population of the nation. Governed by the Communist Party of Biangisinglia, it exercises jurisdiction over the 15 states which included Boshlagi.

Biangsinglia is literally 'what's left' of the former 'old kingdom' which ruled on the island for at least 1000 years. The kingdom became literally divided by foreign powers in the 17th century when Kanglapo fell to the Surians. After efforts to reunite Biangsinglia, the kingdom underwent many transformations, and eventually, Biangsinglia reformed into a republic in 1899. After separation, Biangisnglia's political climate plunged as anti-communist forces fought against the communist government in Biangsinglia, which ended with the 1978 Democratic Revolution. Biangsinglia reformed into a democratic socialist union with Boshlagi reunited with Biangisinglia after a handover from Mazan in 1986, but Biangsinglia has plunged into civil war again between Boshlagi separatists forces and Biangsinglianese communist forces.

Biangsinglia is currently politically unstable due to many corruption scandals and issues with the respective state governments over political control, including Boshlagi. However, despite the political climate, Biangsinglia has one of the best economic records due to its natural resources on its side of the island