Bautasars Kustādzas

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Bautasars Kustādzas (born 23 August 1970 in Divis) is a Voskian psychologist and tv personality who has been serving as the country's fifth president since 21 February 2018. Host of the extremely popular semi-satirical talkshow Voskia Now, he expressed his interest in running for president on several occasions and was presented as the candidate of the V-ĢP on 25 September 2017. Having no previous experience in politics, Kustādzas aims to make the presidential office less political and act as a representative of the country and its people to improve Voskian interests abroad.

Kustādzas is married and has two daughters.

Presidents of Voskia
Timōģius Mirģiādis (1996 - 1998) · Umberto Scuolz (1998 - 2006) · Ādrea Zaşpuzic-Ēzvavs (2006 - 2014) · Başkim Arhali (2014 - 2018) · Bautasars Kustādzas (incumbent since 2018)