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Başkim Arhali (born 16 May 1963 in Korv) is a Voskian politician of Gurdian origin and was the country's fourth president from 19 February 2014 to 21 February 2018. Before that, he was prime minister from 2004 to 2007 and from 2008 to 2013.

Political career

As a member of the political party Protàşvētij Dēmukracieş (Champions of the Republic) he was elected into the Voskian parliament in 1998. He became leader of his parliamentary group in 2001 and in that capacity, he was asked by president Umberto Scuolz to form a new government after the collapse of the government of Ģiōģius Krugvavs 16 May 2004. He was the country's prime minister from 18 May 2004 until 13 April 2007 and again from 2 April 2008 until 15 April 2013. President Scuolz's choice for Arhali was a tactical move: at that moment, the Gurdian minority was increasingly disgruntled with the direction the country had taken politically and socially since the end of the short dictatorship in 1996/1998 and the president felt that the Gurdians needed to be reassured by 'one of their own'.

Arhali turned out to be one of the few prime ministers that managed to remain in office for a longer period of time and he was widely expected to become the first prime minister since the fifth government of Ģiōģius Erjudz (1968 - 1972) to actually make it through an entire term; his party was however pushed out of government in the spring of 2013 by Luçia Apavia's liberal democratic V-ĢP. Arhali lead four coalition governments, in which he managed to pass a large quantity of structural reforms to make the multi-ethnic country more governable - despite the many parties that his coalitions consisted of, especially in his first governments.

Arhali's governments have been:

  • I: 2004 - 2006, nine parties (PD, V-ĢP, MS, IP'02, MV, KE, Katedrā, ĢĢ'97 and PA), followed by regular elections;
  • II: 2006 - 2007, five parties (PD, V-ĢP, MV, MS and IP'02), followed by Gian Parpan's short government;
  • III: 2008 - 2010, six parties (PD, V-ĢP, MV, MS, KaPū and PA), followed by regular elections;
  • IV: 2010 - 2013, four parties (PD, V-ĢP, MV and PA)


Arhali was elected president of Voskia on 2 February 2014, defeating Aleksander Fraşyr in the second round of the elections. He took office on 19 February. Although he as reelegible for a second term in office, he lost against Bautasars Kustādzas and Margrita Urvavdzas in the first round on 14 January 2018, the former of whom eventually won the second round and succeeded Arhali as president.

Personal life

Before his political career, Mr. Arhali came to head a small shipyard in Korv, which he bought in 1992 of the previous owner. He enjoys diving and hunting, the latter of which makes him somewhat controversial amongst leftists and environmentalists (including some in his own party).

Başkim Arhali married his wife Maryta in 1990. They have three children.

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