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The Atlantic Council (Dutch: Atlantische Raad) is a proposed geoficticious intergovernmental organisation for cooperation between countries on the ficticious continent of Atlantis, a project of mainly Dutch participants. The foundation of this Council was subject of debate during the summit in Berm (the capital of Uneta) on 17 and 18 June 2014. The government of Cartyas invited the countries that expressed their interest in joining, to attend a founding summit on 30 August 2014 in the city of Oca.

Atlantic Council
Atlantische Raad
International Organisation
(Date and place of foundation)

Treaty: '(Treaty of ..)' (tbc)
Participating Countries: tbd
Secretary General: tbd


Purposes of the Atlantic Council

  1. To provide stability and maintain peace in the Atlantic countries
  2. To act as arbiter in conflict situations between countries that participate in the Council
  3. To judge the observance of human rights in the Atlantic countries
  4. To promote political cooperation between the participating countries
  5. To promote the Atlantic cultural originality and diversity
  6. To promote the scientific relations between the participating countries

The Atlantic Council's main intention is to be a low profile organisation of deliberation between the countries of Atlantis. It doesn't include free trade, custom unions, etc. and, according to the current proposed Treaty, it can't even impose sanctions (apart from expulsion) when a participating country doesn't follow the rules as written in that Treaty. Most of the Council is of a voluntary nature, so that countries that participate in the Atlantic Council can decide for themselves whether or not they will participate in the Cultural and Scientific Bureau or if they follow the regulations of the Standardisation Institute.

Participating Countries

'Participating Countries' was chosen rather than 'Member States' to emphasise that the Atlantic Council exists because of the readiness of the participating countries to participate; 'Member States' would imply too much that the Atlantic Council is a supranational organisation, whereas it is in fact an intergovernmental organisation.

Current Participating Countries

country signed treaty ratified treaty current ambassador since remarks
1 (country) (date1) (date2) (name) (date3) (if required)

Potentially Participating Countries

Countries that expressed their intention to join:


Meeting of Government Representatives

A Meeting of Government Representatives is organised once a year in order to discuss current events and possibly to make decisions (about these current events and/or propositions regarding the Atlantic Council). Depending on the subject, the participating countries may choose whether they send the head of government or a minister. Every participating country has one vote and a majority is required to pass a proposition. The subjects about which is to be voted, shouldn't be of a such important nature that a two third majority or vetos are required.


# date location details
1 (date) (location) (details)

Council of Ambassadors

The AC's daily business is taken care of by the Council of Ambassadors, which consists of one ambassador from each participating country. One of them acts as Secretary General for a period of six months by means of a rotating system following the alphabetical order of the country names in English. The first period will begin when the Treaty has been ratified by all countries that signed it.

List of Secretaries General of the Atlantic Council

# Secretary General entering office leaving office country
0 (name) (date) (date) (country)

Organisations and Institutions

  1. An Atlantic Court of Justice
  2. A Cultural and Scientific Bureau
  3. An Organisation for Standardisation
  4. Other Organisations and Institutions that may contribute to the achievement of the purposes of the Atlantic Council.


The Atlantic Council in other languages

  • Cartian: Vȧrq́ȧx́i Ocalgi
  • Kvarinsulan Esperanto: Atlantika Konsilio

Links and additional information

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