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Ashtinok (Adzhatic: Аштінок or Aśtinok) is the capital of the State of Adzhatia and of the Capital District (Кŏпунцежіш Краіс or Kŏpunceźiś Krais). It was previously known as Базăr Гĕљ or Bazăŕ Gĕĺ, which means 'White City'. In 2009, the city had approximately 110,000 inhabitants. It is located at the river Ćande, in the southern central part and at the eastern coast of Valya, the main island of Adzhatia. It is the northernmost capital of an independant nation in the world. The nearest city is Kosegińdrăt.


The name Ashtinok is probably derived from Tansa Aštin Ååke (Finnish Ahdin Aukea), meaning Ahti's Clearing.


Ashtinok was founded in the late nineteenth century, although it is uncertain exactly in what year. It was a small settlement of little importance, Kresta Gorod (Креста Город, present-day Kercei) being the main town on the island of Valya, and was first mentioned in a Russian decree of 1897.

In 1957, Ashtinok was declared capital of the Adzhatian A.S.S.R., which had been founded some years earlier after Adzhatians had been forced to migrate to Valya, and the name was changed to Bazăŕ Gĕĺ, the 'White City', because then leader of the A.S.S.R., Miheĺ Iĺicśŭn, liked that better than the original name. In the second half of the twentieth century, Bazăŕ Gĕĺ grew steadily from an unimportant coastal village into a large town. After the Adzhatian independance in 1991 the city's growth stopped abruptly and in 1994 and 1995 there even was a significant decline, due to people emigrating to more interesting places in and outside Adzhatia. In the last decade however, the city's population has been expanding again.

In recent years, the city government is implementing plans to modernise the city's infrastructure and appearance, but not to everybody's satisfaction. The most noted architect of present-day Adzhatia, Đĕdrik Pasavihei (1971 - 2009), was killed because he was held responsible for moving large amounts of citizens out of their homes in order to redesign the eastern quarter of the city; the government had failed to present any plans to compensate and relocate them.

In 2011 the original name of Ashtinok was restored.