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Ardeim, officially the Republic of Ardeim (Republiek Ardeim), is a country located on the western part of Solwes, an island near Borealia. The country mostly covers the western part of the island. Ardeim only borders Solwesia in the east, the other sides of the country is surrounded by the Bartenian Sea. THe country also includes the island of Dulst. Ardeim has about 9 million inhabitants, the capital and most important city is Bogardes. Other large cities are Toernem, Laagweel, Putte and Hertogswilt. The country is divided in seven departments. The official language of Ardeim is Ardemian, a local form of Dutch.

Republic of Ardeim
(Republiek Ardeim)
Country in Atlantis


National codes: RA, ARD

Calling code: +210

Population: 9 038 900

Area 15 684 km²

Capital: Bogarde (Bodegarde)

Currency: Ardemian Daalder (RAD)

Official Language: Ardemian (Ardeimsch)

Demonym: Ardemian

Government: Parliamentiary Republic

Head of State: President Philip Houtman van de Republiek Ardeim (SU)

Government Leader: Prime Minister Veronique Halsten (SU)



History of Ardeim

Referencearrow.png Main Article: History of Ardeim

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