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Porto da Mata, Yutyrama - English Edition

Adzhatia, the champion of the FICT Games

November, 2013 - On Sunday 17, the national soccer team of Adzhatia beat the Guelphian team and became the champion of the first FICT Games. President Oiampi watched the final match in the Uijuru National Stadium in Porto da Mata and greeted the winners: “Congratulations to all the participants of this exciting cup and especially to the Adzhatian team for its unquestionable campaign”. The Yutyraman fans, even disappointed with the performance of their own team, were present to the stadium and applauded both teams.

National team eliminated in the first phase

November, 2013 - On Sunday, November 10, after the draw between Adzhatia and Guelphia (0 - 0), the commotion was generalized through the country with the elimination of the Yutyraman soccer team, against all the expectancies. A group of unhappy fans left the stadium and began beating people and vandalizing shops and cars in the city of Garimpeiros. The police intervened backed by Army troops who are assisting in the security of the games. Three people were injured, one seriously, and ten were arrested. Even after the victory of the national team over Kaupelan, the sadness of the fans all over the country did not diminish. The Minister of Finance, Economy and Tourism Clarice Jordão urged “the Yutyramans to keep the traditional peace and warmth with foreign tourists”, especially during the period of the games. She added that “FICT Games are very important to the image of the country abroad and so far have been conducted flawless”.

The FICT Games begin in Yutyrama

November, 2013 - The opening ceremony of the 2013 FICT Games took place this morning - November 3rd - in the Uijuru National Stadium, in Porto da Mata, with the presence of several local and foreign authorities. Among them, the Secretary General of FICT, the director of FSTS and the president of Yutyrama Chico Oiampi that stated, during his speech, that "it is a great honor for our country to host the first FICT Games".

After the ceremony, the games began. The first results were:

Government appoints a chairman to prepare the Games

May, 2013 - Minister of Education, Culture and Sports Letícia Brandão appointed yesterday, May 13, Acauã Dantas Nonato to be the chairman of COJF (Comitê Organizador dos Jogos FICT - Organizing Committee of FICT Games). Mr. Nonato will be responsible to coordinate the preparation for the games and will report to the Yutyraman government and to the director of FSTS - FICT Secretariat of Tourism and Sports, the Kaupelanese Ramiru Sendereh, recently chosen by the General Assembly. The plan and the timeline will be prepared until the end of May.

The Games, that will consist of soccer only, will be disputed in the stadiums of Porto da Mata, with 10,000 seats, and in Garimpeiros, with 7,000 seats.

Yutyama celebrates the decision of FICT

May, 2013 - On May 4, the annual General Assembly of FICT took place in the city of Ashtinok, in Adzhatia, with the presence of President Oiampi representing Yutyrama. The approval of a new member, Guelphia, a wealthy kingdom of Oceania, was among the measures adopted at the summit. Also the location of the secretariats FSTE and FSTS, and the financial agency, FESD, in the member states, as well as their respective directors were established. However, the approval of operating rules for FESD was postponed.

Even resentful after the loan requested to FICT for the expansion of the airport has not been approved, forcing the government to seek funds in other international institutions, the president announced enthusiastically the choice of Yutyrama to host the FICT Games in November. With the news, many people passionate about soccer took to the streets of Porto da Mata to celebrate, singing, dancing and honking through the night.

Clarice Jordão, minister of Economic Development, announced that the government will start immediately the preparation for the Games that will consist of soccer only, in this first edition. The government will look for sponsors among the FICT countries. "And the government will give incentives to attract investment, especially to the hotel sector", the minister said. It is expected private investments of around 40 million itaius (8 million dollars) plus the public expenditures.

Yutyrama intends to request funds to FICT

December, 2012 - The government intends to borrow money from FESD, the FICT Fund for Economic and Social Development, for the expansion of the International Airport Mateus Jutirá in Porto da Mata, as part of the current program to speed up the economic development of the country that started in the middle of the year with the "Duty-Free Zone" plan. The complete expansion of the airport was calculated in 50 million dollars.

The request will be done by our ambassador in FICT, José Mário Pessoa. The total ammount to be borrowed will depend on the availability of funds, the interest rate, the conditions for the loan and, obviously, the approval by FICT. The Yutyraman representative will request clarification for this possibility in the Conference of Ambassadors.

Government approves the "Duty-Free Zone" in Porto da Mata

June, 2012 - The government of president Chico Oiampi approved the creation of a "Duty-Free Zone" in Yutyrama. The idea is to allow that imported products - such as ICT and electronic products, beverages, perfumes and garments - be sold in some authorized shops of Porto da Mata without taxes. The purpose of the measure is to stimulate the influx of tourists, chiefly from Brazil and other South American countries, interested in buying products at better prices than those found in their own markets, similar to what they do in Miami or Assunción. This will create an alternative profile for the tourists that usually look for the country, normally oriented to ecotourism.

The minister of internal affairs, Sílvia Marques Lourenço, said that "this initiative will be beneficial for the economic development of our country, increasing the national income and the level of employment". ". The country will not only benefit from the direct sales of products but also from the expected increase in the tourism in general associated with other related economic activities.

The feasibility of the project will depend on strong public investments on infrastructure, considering that the projected number of tourists will double in five years, reaching one million tourists yearly. The government also expects private investments from abroad, especially in hotels and restaurants.

The king of Kaupelan visited the Country

May, 2012 - King Kira II and queen Saramdi of the Kingdom of Kaupelan, visited Yutyrama between May 25 and 28. During the stay in our country, the royal couple visited the recently inaugurated railroad, the National Park of Kawaran and the resort of Taporã. On May 28, they participated of the launching of the low cost car, the mini-SUV Xip, in the Kaupelanese-owned factory of Watera, in the city of Uiporã. "The launch represents an important step for the development of our economy" president Oiampi, which was present to the event, said. The expected production of 15,000 unities is addressed to export, chiefly to Brazil and Mercosur, but also to other South American and African countries" explained Sean Rimarut, director of the CKD plant of 350 employees.

During the visit, the minister of foreign affairs of Kaupelan, Wasahi Aramduhun, exhorted his counterpart, our minister Jerônimo Ramalho, to participate in the Summit of Yukland that will redefine the directions of FICT - the Forum for International Cooperation and Trade - after many countries announced that would leave the organization. "It's an opportunity to have FICT really useful to the progress of our countries", added. Minister Ramalho confirmed the participation, clarifying that Yutyrama would continue in FICT after the unfortunate events that occurred during the last Council Meeting.

Inauguration of the national railroad

May, 2012 - President Chico Oiampi inaugurated on May 14 the Erãjupi Railroad (Erãjupi Itajypó Apé) to cross the country from Porto da Mata, in the north, to Garimpeiro, in the south. The railroad started to be built two years ago, during the government of João Cûarajirã of the Green Party, and spent three hundred and fifty million itaius.The train intend to be the most important way of transportation for Yutyrama, either for workers and local people as well as for foreign tourists moving through the country.

Oiampi confirmed as the new president of the Republic

January, 2012 - After an unexpected twist in the presidential election, Francisco "Chico" Matos Oiampi of the Socialist Party, supported by the leftists, defeated the government candidate to reelection, João Cûarajirã, of the Green Party, and passed to the second round against Pedro Nonato, of the Liberal Party. To avoid the victory of Nonato, candidate of the conservative wing, the Green Party ended up supporting Chico Oiampi. The final result was announced only on Friday, January 13, one week after the second round, showing 53% of the valid votes for Oiampi against 47% for Nonato. The delay was due to the recount of the votes, after allegation of fraud by the Liberal and Republican Parties.

'We will make a calm and democratic transition to the new government' said the president Cûarajirã. The Green Party will be decisive to ensure the majority in the Congress to the new government. But analysts fear problems and even a coup with the election of a former worker and consider that this will be a test for the Yutyraman democracy. Some opposition politicians commented covertly that they will not allow Yutyama to become 'a new Cuba or Venezuela'.