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Porto da Mata, Yutyrama - English Edition

Senate approves a new election for president

July, 2016 – Under the pressure of protests, demonstrations and strikes throughout the country against the decision of the High Court that deposed president Farias and nominated Jerônimo Parente to take her place, the Senate approved yesterday, July 29, a bill from interim president Lúcia Guerreiro for a new election with the previous candidates. The bill for a single round election was approved with 33 votes pro (PV, PS and PC), 20 votes against (PL and PR) and 12 abstentions (PCa). The election will be for completing the mandate until 2019.

Luciana Farias decided to withdraw her candidacy, even before a decision of the High Court about it. So, the winner - Partido Verde - accused of fraud in the previous election, will not participate of the new elections that will occur on August 14.

Despite his Party's votes against the new election, the defeated candidate in the second round of the election last year, Jerônimo Parente, is confident in the victory: “The democratic decision was already taken, but I accept to be submitted again to the people’s will”.

President Farias deposed under the accusation of fraud in the elections

July, 2016 – After a long time evaluating an appeal filed by the defeated candidate of the second round, Jerônimo Parente of the Partido Liberal, the Yutyraman High Court declared that there was fraud in the election of Farias and decided on July 22 to depose her from the post. According to Minister Jairo Mendes Viveiros, president of the Court, the evidences of fraud were enough to contest the results of the elections. Parente will be sworn in as the new president in the next month. The president of the Senate, Lúcia Guerreiro, of Partido Verde, was declared the interim head of State.

The immediate reaction of the left-wing parties is that a coup d’état was given by conservative forces, ruining the democratic achievements. “The coup in Brazil reflects in our country” said former president Chico Oiampi. A crowd took the streets of Porto da Mata and of other cities protesting against the decision and what they call “kupyetá”. Riots were registered and the Army was called to repress the demonstrations. A general strike across the country is being called for Monday, July 25, by the left-wing parties and the unions.

Ana Leite accuses the government of omission

June, 2016 – Ana Carolina Leite – leader of the Partido Republicano – accused the government of omission for not repressing a demonstration of the so called MCST (Movement of Landless Peasants) that occupied a farm in the south of the country demanding the agrarian reform, a campaign promise of Luciana Farias government. Leite said that “it’s a clear sign of the weakness of this government when dealing with rioters”. And added “we will not allow these communists to dominate Yutyrama”.

On the other hand, echoing the MCST and its leader João “Neím” Saraiva, the left-wing parties threaten to exit the coalition, leaving the government of President Farias completely isolated, if the social proposals were disregarded.

Farias protests against the “coup” in Brazil

May, 2016 – President Luciana Farias criticized fiercely what she considered a coup d’état against the president of Brazil. President Roussef was removed from office by Congress since May 12, until the impeachment be judged. She said that “it was a clear coup of the right-wing, removing an elected president without crime. This act can affect the future of democracy in the region”. The ambassador for Brazil and Latin America Hélio Yparaguoju was called back from Brasilia for consultation.

Jerônimo Parente, from Partido Liberal, said that the president should not criticize the decision about internal matters of another country. “Instead”, Parente said, “Farias should investigate the accusations of corruptions in our country and in her own Party.”

The 7th General Assembly of FICT

May, 2016 – President Farias and Minister of Foreign Affairs Itaiji Prado were in Bizet, capital of the Republic of Maysoran, Algheran and Shaoran, on May 7 for the 7th General Assembly of FICT. According to Prado, “the summit was a success, approving finally an alternative for the Free Trade Agreement of 2012, in discussion since last year”. Two new members, Pannonia and Amargo, were admitted, “increasing the importance of the organization”, according to the minister.

Farias announces the new government staff

January, 2016 – The elected president Luciana Farias announced her government staff on January 1st. Contrary to press speculation that she might call back Clarice Jordão - former finance minister of Oiampi's government sacked during the investigation of corruption - to the ministry of finances, president Farias preferred a totally new staff, not related to the former government. To the finance ministry, Cléo Machado was chosen. Luís Felipe Itaiji Prado will be the foreign minister and Temincari Silva will be the minister of interior. The Cabinet is completed with the minister of defense Ramalho Martins, the minister of health Poty Moryjarã, the minister of education, culture and sports Cida Guoiã and the minister of environment, agriculture and forestry Lobo Souza.

The swearing-in cerimony is scheduled for Sunday, January 10, in the Palace of Guirapirã. Several heads of states and representatives of foreign governments are expected for the cerimony, including South American and FICT leaders.

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