АЏП, Winter 2015/2016

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Гавĕс • Gavĕs • Winter 2015/2016

Recent polls put strain on coalition government

(5 January 2016) - Recent polls that indicate that the liberal party AVŎD could win the next parliamentary elections, have put a huge strain on the incumbent coalition government, in which the party is the second largest after prime minister Eigĕń Hameen's Secializdźiś. In December the AVŎD members of the Dume openly disagreed with Secializdźiś on minor details in the budget proposal for 2016 and AVŎD ministers have started to be less considerate when making remarks about especially Secializdźiś ministers, although the three ministers of the junior coalition party Dzalităm Partića (Dz-P, Green Party) received their share of criticism by AVŎD colleagues as well.

"They are showing off", Astrid Kŭćma, the leader of the opposition party Bloc-Ħĭnzei, commented. "The behaviour of AVŎD is proof that this government cannot last much longer. In the interest of the country it would be better if they resigned."

Already the longest serving prime minister in the history of Adzhatia, Eigĕń Hameen's tri-party coalition government is set to break the record of longest running government on 8 February, when the current government will have been in office for 910 consecutive days, surpassing Ereh Ħĭnzei's government from October 2007 to April 2010.

FICT Games succesful for Adzhatian footballers

(23 December 2015) - The Adzhatian sports teams that participated in the second edition of the FICT Games in Île de Romanhe were welcomed back on the snowy international airport of Ashtinok. Apart from their families, the welcoming committee consisted of several government officials, including the minister of culture and sports, Mr Pavoĺ Raikonen. Especially the Adzhatian footballers did well during the games and managed to win the only medals for Adzhatia: a gold medal for the men and a bronze medal for the women. Adzhatia's volleyball men became fourth, whereas the women didn't manage to reach the semifinals. With the triathlon and the marathon, the Adzhatian participants didn't win anything.

Mr. Raikonen called the Games a success. "The nations of FICT showed that they are able to organise and participate in such a fantastic sporting event, despite the fact that they are scattered over the world and don't really know each other. Thanks to this event, many Adzhatians now know about distant countries like Île de Romanhe or Harrawi or Guadeloupe."

The sportsmen and -women will be received by president Kataŕine Matuś later today, and the city council of Ashtinok announced that a public celebration will be organised in the local stadium between Christmas and New Year.