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Гавĕс • Gavĕs • Winter 2014/2015

Adzhatia unprepared for eclipse watchers

(20 March) - Adzhatian towns were fully unprepared for the much larger than expected number of tourists that arrived yesterday and today in order to watch the solar eclipse that took place today. Mostly because the eclipse would only be partial in Adzhatia anyway, the ministry of tourism didn't think that watchers would choose our country to observe the phenomenon. The public transport services ran as usual, which meant that many passengers, both tourists and Adzhatians, experienced heavy delays. In Ħŭŕć, which had shown the most promise of a clear sky, there weren't enough available rooms in the local hotels and several people had to bunk together with in some cases up to ten people sleeping in a room for two. The Hoteĺ Madźestik even had people camp in the lobby.

"Tourism in Adzhatia isn't very developed, and although we're at the beginning of spring, it can still be very cold outside in this time of year", the director of the Hoteĺ Madźestik told the press. "Some of our guests tried to camp outside on the coast, but when it started to snow, they fled back to the town." The alerted police started a search in the morning, but the only people they found were better prepared for camping in cold temperatures.

It continued to snow during the remainder of the morning, so many disappointed tourists are now on their way back to warmer countries.

District government of Śaiń Ćŭŕdveźiś Krais dismissed

(9 March) - In Śaiń Ćŭŕdveźiś Krais, the coalition government of AVŎD (liberals) and DZ-P (greens) has been dismissed by the district parliament after footage emerged on youtube showing several district ministers of both parties involved in a sexually compromising situation in a sauna with some women who may be illegal in our country.

The video was removed shortly after it was posted, but it was captured by a Secializdźiś member of parliament, who shared it with AVŎD members. Parliament is investigating the involvement of governor Nikola Tercvićei (AVŎD); someone looking like him is said to be vaguely visible in the video. All three opposition parties (Secializdźiś, Bloc-Ħĭnzei and Trŏśtan Frentciŕ) have asked the national minister of domestic affairs to replace Tercvićei and called for early district elections. According to AVŎD however, the current parliament hasn't been compromised and therefore the most logical thing to do is simply having a new government approved.

Secializdźiś however doesn't agree with that. "This whole scene is outrageous and not what one would expect of officials who represent the people", local Secializdźiś leader Nikole Bărcava explained. "If it hadn't been parliament who discovered the video, it might have been a criminal organisation that could have used the opportunity to blackmail the government. I'm far from convinced that the parliamentary faction of AVŎD didn't know anything about the actions of their fellow party members, as they claim. Some of them may even have been present in that sauna."

On the national level, AVŎD and DZ-P are the junior government coalition members, together with Secializdźiś. Trŏśtan Frentciŕ leader Lere Baśćŏt says the actions of the local AVŎD and DZ-P divisions reflect badly on the national government; she has asked for the resignation of the entire government and called for new elections, to which prime minister Eigĕń Hameen (Secializdźiś) answered "no".

Kŭćma to lead Bloc-Ħĭnzei; party leadership dismissed

(14 February) - During a turbulent Bloc-Ħĭnzei party congress that was organised after former foreign minister Astrid Kŭćma managed to get the necessary amount of signatures from fellow party members, she was elected the new leader of Bloc-Ħĭnzei with an overwhelming majority, causing supporters of former president Ăŕva Bekina to leave the meeting. The subsequent vote of no-confidence against the party leadership was therefore adopted almost unanimously, with only the party leadership voting against. Astrid Kŭćma said that she hoped that order will now be restored in the chaos-stricken party, in order to make sure that all members' attention is now focused on winning the next parliamentary elections.

Economic affairs minister on working visit to Yukland and Kronenburg

(4 February) - The minister of economic affairs, Ms Zăre Geŕvia-Saððei, will pay a working visit to Yukland en Kronenburg next week in order to discuss the progress of the expansion of the economic ties between the three North-Atlantic countries that was initiated a few years ago.

During the trip, she will make a short detour to the Republic of Liga, a small country between the continents of Europe and North-America that applied for FICT membership in December. According to Ms Geŕvia, Liga would be a welcome addition to the FICT family. The country's application will be on the agenda of the next General Assembly of FICT, which is scheduled to take place on 2 May in the Guelphian capital of Kingsbury.

Kŭćma threatens Bloc-Ħĭnzei to found new party

(16 January) - Former foreign minister Astrid Kŭćma has urged the party leadership of Bloc-Ħĭnzei to schedule a party conference as quickly as possible in order to elect a new party leader. If a conference doesn't take place within a month, Kŭćma and her followers will found a new party, she said.

Bloc-Ħĭnzei has experienced internal quarrels ever since the controversial way former president Ăŕva Bekina decided not to pursue a second term as head of state. Although some party members wanted him to become the new leader, many others, including Astrid Kŭćma, were outraged by Bekina's actions. Kŭćma's support has been steadily growing during the last few months and experienced yet another stimulus in November, when the party leadership decided to postpone the party conference.

Since former leader Ħarman Ćĕrðanei stepped down in 2013 after a disappointing election result, former traffic minister Grigeŕ Turkanen has been leading the party in an acting capacity.

Guitarist Feliks Pŭnas in coma after traffic accident

(25 December) - Feliks Pŭnas (29), the lead guitarist of the Adzhatian rock band Miŕu eń Rajuiś, is in a coma after his van was hit by a truck on early Christmas morning. Pŭnas was on his way from Huśte to his parents' home in Kosegińdrăt when he couldn't avoid a slipping truck. According to his family, Pŭnas is in stable condition, but it is unknown whether he will wake up soon. The other members of the band didn't comment on the accident, although their manager sent out a message that they are all shocked by this tragedy and that the concerts that were planned for January and February have been cancelled.