АЏП, Summer 2017

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Кĕзе • Kĕze • Summer 2017

New government inaugurated

ASHTINOK, 12 SEPTEMBER 2017 ~ A new government headed by Secializdźiś leader Ŕanije Erijeź was inaugurated today. The move is a relief for the country that has seen a political stalemate since the elections of January that could only be resolved by a new round of elections in June. Prime minister Eigĕń Hameen stepped down already on 31 August as he succeeded Ăŕva Ćurek as director of the Kercei Investment Bank; minister of justice Vitaĺ Ăħcevei was appointed interim prime minister until the new government was sworn in.

After the elections of January, political parties couldn’t agree on forming a coalition government that had the support of a majority in the Dume, so Igoŕ Dzarcviśei, leader of the largest party AVŎD had to propose a dissolution bill to the Dume, which was acccepted, after which president Kataŕine Matuś announced that the Dume would be dissolved on 17 June and that new parliamentary elections will take place on that date.

Before he presented the bill to the Dume, Dzarcviśei had expressed his sadness about the situation. “Never before have we faced a situation like this, where the people’s will proved impossible to carry out. In this case only one solution remains: we have to ask them again!”

Leader of the far right Trŏśtan Frentciŕ (Thursday Front) Lere Baśćŏt strongly criticised the other parties, who according to her showed absolutely no flexibility at all by refusing to consider her party as a potential partner. Leader of the Secializdźiś and former prime minister Ŕanije Erijeź called the step necessary however; “The division between left and right in this country is very strong at the moment but unfortunately none of them manages to secure a stable majority”.

The elections on 17 June saw few changes for most parties. AVŎD was however seen as the main culprit of the political stalemate and lost nine seats that went to Secializdźiś, which thus became the largest party once more. Over the summer Ms Erijeź negotiated with the communist party NKP, the green party DZ-P, and the pro-European party ĔAP (a merged party of the former parties ĔŚ and PŎA) to form a government after initial talks between Secializdźiś and the conservative party Bloc-Ħĭnzei, and between Secializdźiś and AVŎD reveiled that a coalition of two parties wouldn’t be possible.

Despite fears that the new coalition would be fragile, the four parties presented an agreement to the press on 29 August; in the two weeks thereafter the final negotiations took place about the number of portfolios that each party would get. Ms Erijeź once again assumed the position of prime minister; in 2006-2007 and 2010-2011 she already headed two governments.

The new government coalition that should remain in office until 2021, is composed of the socialdemocratic Secializdźiś (S), the pro-European democrats ĔAP (Ĕ), the communist NKP (N), and the green party Dzalităm Partića (Z). Together they have a small majority of 82 seats in the Dume, but so far they seem to have the support of the new socialdemocratic NSP (3 seats) and two of the three regional members.

Saŭĺ Cħvĕŕiśek ambassador to FICT

ASHTINOK, 15 SEPTEMBER 2017 ~ Within less than a week in office the new minister of foreign affairs Feliks Balakśin announced the appointment of a new Adzhatian ambassador to the international organisation FICT: Saŭĺ Cħvĕŕiśek, diplomat and former consul of Adzhatia in São Paulo, Brazil.

Cħvĕŕiśek will replace incumbent ambassador Anatoĺ Bugănskie as of 1 October. Bugănskie has served since October 2011 and his term should have ended last year already, but the previous government wasn’t able to find a suitable successor and the decision was then postponed until after both elections.

Earlier this year, rumours had it that Bugănskie was considered as minister of foreign affairs in an AVŎD lead government, but AVŎD (the liberal party that became the largest party after the January elections) wasn’t able to form a government and lost its majority again after the June elections.