АЏП, Spring 2015

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Ашеж • Aśeź • Spring 2015

Harrawi may join FICT again

(29 April) - On 2 May, the next FICT summit will be held in Kingsbury, Guelphia. In the last couple of months several countries applied for membership, and these applications will be treated during the summit. One of the countries that (re)applied is the Democratic Republic of Harrawi, which was a member of FICT already in 2011 and 2012. It left FICT in order to join the Exumbran Convention. 'Membership of both organisations is perfectly possible, as our country has proven', prime minister Hameen commented, 'and we welcome Harrawi's decision to attend the General Assembly.'

It is uncertain however if Harrawi will be able to make the decision to re-join FICT on 2 May. Despite the fact that the former coalition of OID, NID and IS will be the most likely outcome of the elections that were held in March, a new government hasn't been formed yet; the largest party OID won the elections, and although the other two coalition parties lost some seats, they have been requesting more influence in the next government, which OID has refused so far. If the intended coalition will fail, a large role may be reserved for the second party, IAA, which opposes re-joining FICT.

Former member state Dhram Phá also reapplied for membership, but this move is treated with some scepticism by several FICT member states.

Diplomatic changes as of 1 May 2015

(1 May) - As of 1 May, the following diplomatic changes will be effective: Ms Ćĕnzid Massuk-Băŕ, who previously was ambassador to Tanzania, will become the Adzhatian representative in Japan (and therefore also responsible for Khusqaikama); Mr Erkŏh Bĕŕćek will replace her in Tanzania. Also, former ambassador to Vietnam Ms Kaje Taðok-Eiźei will become the ambassador to the newly established Adzhatian embassy in Guelphia.

Harrawi, MAS and New Courland join FICT

(2 May) - During the FICT summit that was held today in Kingsbury, Guelphia, the organisation was enlarged with three member states. The insular Republic of MAS, located off the African east coast, the caribbean Duchy of New Courland and the East-African republic of Harrawi were admitted with (almost) all FICT member states voting in favour. For Harrawi, it is the second time that the country is a member of FICT, after a brief period in 2011 and 2012. Dhram Phá, which was a candidate again as well, was rejected out of fear that the country wouldn't be able to adjust itself to the cooperational requirements of FICT; only the Adzhatian delegation voted in favour of readmission of the Asian communist state.

After that, the Ísðor Treaty was changed, enabling regular meetings twice a year. In the old situation, a second meeting could only take place under special circumstances, and several member states felt that meeting once a year wasn't beneficial for the development of FICT. The next meeting of the General Assembly will therefore take place already in November this year, instead of spring 2016. A review of the Free Trade Agreement was however postponed.

Finally it was decided that the Second FICT Games will take place in Île de Romanhe in December this year.

Foreign affairs minister Demitrieź Fŭĺgan is satisfied with the outcome of the summit. 'FICT welcomed three new member states, increasing the club total to 11', he said. 'This gives the organisation a stronger international position, which is good for the common voice of these otherwise generally ignorable countries. The Adzhatian government especially welcomes Exumbran Convention member states Harrawi and New Courland, as it is our belief that the existence of these two more or less similar organisations shouldn't have been necessary. The chance however that some ExC member states would want to rejoin FICT, is extremely small, and we regret the fact that FICT closed the door to Dhram Phá today.'

Actress Seńie Baśevei arrested after cutting colleague with a knife

(19 May) - Actor Vladimiŕ Đăćevei, who stars in the popular soap opera Dźevź ('The Holy Ones') as lead character Pavoĺ Grigeŕśŭn, ended up in hospital yesterday evening after his ex-wife and colleague Seńie Baśevei (Dźevź lead character Taććane Koućek) plunged a knife between his ribs during a fight in a restaurant. According to the doctors who treated Đăćevei, his condition is critical but stable, but he is in no condition to resume his acting for the time being. The police have arrested Baśevei; she may face charges for attempted murder.

The couple was married between 2011 and 2014 and their divorce was one of the messiest ones in the history of Adzhatian television. Despite the fact that their relationship has been nothing else than open warfare for over a year now, their contracts with broadcasting company Aurora demanded that they continue their roles in Dźevź at least until the end of the 2015-2016 season. Baśevei's rash action seems to have put a stop to this and apart from a trial for attempted murder, she may be sued for breaking her contract. Aurora director Vĕććeslaf Ĕńńok said to be apalled by the events, wishing Đăćevei a speedy recovery, and told the press that it will be very hard to replace two prominent lead characters.