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Ăзвеі • Ăzvei • Autumn 2015

Few decisions during FICT summit in Yutyrama

(8 November 2015) - The General Assembly of FICT that was held yesterday in the Yutyraman capital of Porto da Mata ended without significant decisions. It was expected that the changes to the FICT Free Trade Agreement (FFTA) would be approved, but due to a last minute desire from the Voskian delegation to abolish the automatic approval of the agreement by member states of FICT, the proposal was once again postponed to the next summit. Tarmorya, too, had doubts with the changed agreement, which essentially would tolerate no more exceptions and exclusions in the free trade between FICT member states. Currently the agreement provides an exclusion of unprocessed agricultural and unprocessed fishery products, which many member states consider to be a nuisance. Since Voskia and Tarmorya are located relatively close to each other, both countries fear that the impossibility to exclude certain goods and products would pose an unnecessary threat to their economies.

Minister of Trade and Industry Śvein Śŏdz confessed to be disappointed with the postponement: "For most member states of FICT mutual trade doesn't form a significant part of our economies. Abolishing the exclusion of unprocessed agricultural and unprocessed fishery products could however be interesting for many member states, as it provides cheaper alternatives to acquire these goods. The exclusion will now continue to exist for another six months", he said.

The only decision that was taken, was about the frequency of the FICT Games. After a trial in Yutyrama in 2013 and a second edition scheduled for next month in Île de Romanhe, it was decided that FICT Games will take place every odd year, with the third edition scheduled for 2017 in Kaupelan. Apart from these, the member states are encouraged to organise sports tournaments in between in which FICT member states can participate. The Voskian delegation suggested that a rugby tournament could take place in Voskia next year.

The General Assembly had to be interrupted halfway the discussion about the Games, due to a widespread power outage in Porto da Mata, which lasted a few hours. During the interval, the Adzhatian delegation suggested to the Yutyraman minister of energy that Adzhatia could offer its expertise regarding the improvement of the Yutyraman energy infrastructure.

A fixed order for the location of the General Assemblies was adopted as well, according to which the next General Assembly will take place on 7 May 2016 in Bizet, the capital of the Republic of MAS, followed by Voskia, Yukland, Tarmorya, New Courland, Harrawi, Kaupelan, Adzhatia, Île de Romanhe, Guelphia, and Yutyrama.

(Update 29 November): Igoŕ Seħćik has been reelected for another three years as director of the FICT Secretariat for Trade and Economy (FSTE). The Adzhatian candidate for the office of director of FICT Secretariat of Tourism and Sports (FSTS), ms Sefije Kŏrvucei-Ĺeħcvek, the current chairwoman for the Adzhatic Organisation for Disabled Athletes, didn't manage to pull through, with Yutyraman candidate Acauã Dantas Nonato finally being elected as the successor to the incumbent director, Ramiru Sendereh from Kaupelan. The current director of Fund for Economic and Social Development (FESD), Germain Karg from Île de Romanhe, wasn't able to get reelected and will be succeeded by Luc Pálssœn from Yukland. The new terms will start on 1 May 2016.