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Ăзвеі • Ăzvei • Autumn 2013

Bloc-Ħĭnzei doesn't want Tarmoryan ambassador to head FICT

(12 December) - Grigeŕ Turkanen, interim leader of the conservative political party Bloc-Ħĭnzei, has called upon the government yesterday not to accept a Tarmoryan ambassador to FICT as Secretary General of the organisation for the time being. Despite positive development in the North-African country since the civil war that took place last year, Turkanen thinks that Tarmorya should do more to convince the other members of FICT that it is in 'well enough shape' to represent an international organisation. FICT works with a rotating system, that allows the ambassador of each member state to become the organisation's Secretary General for six months; in March, it will be the turn of the Tarmoryan ambassador, mr. Yassine Burzkabram.

Foreign affairs minister Demitrieź Fŭĺgan (Secializdźiś) called Turkanen's opinion on the matter 'useless', because of the rotating system, and said that the last thing Tarmorya needs at this moment is a lack of trust from its partners. "Mr. Burzkabram, as a person, is only little affected by the question whether his country is or isn't in well enough shape", Fŭĺgan says. "The Secretary General leads FICT for a short period of time, he won't change the organisation into the country of his origin."

FICT Games 2013: Adzhatia win!

(17 November) - To the general astonishment of most Adzhatian football (soccer) fans, Adzhatia has won the football championship of the first FICT Games in Yutyrama, beating Guelphia 3:1 in the tournament's final. Earlier already, the team of national coach Slava Mariecei played surprisingly well, beating even Voskia in the semifinals, but they played against Guelphia during the group matches already, and this was the only match that Adzhatia didn't win, ending in 0:0. The Adzhatian team played on edge during the entire game. 'We were really lucky that Guelphia didn't change their tactics a lot', team captain Vadim Geĺĺer commented. 'But we knew that we had to gain an advantage and at the same time prevent the Guelphians from scoring themselves. If Lŏpore would have made his second goal in the 19th minute (the Guelphian keeper stopped it), we would have been able to play a little bit more relaxed.' The three Adzhatian goals were made by Karoĺ Lŏpore (13'), Juŕ Śapeśnikŏv (44') and Kristof Havanen (78').

This was the first edition of the FICT Games, which was focused on male football (soccer) this time, but should feature other sports as well in the future.

FICT Games 2013: Adzhatia play second semifinal against Voskia

(11 November) - The Adzhatian football (soccer) team has won the first round in group 2 of the FICT Games 2013, which are currently held in Yutyrama and will play a semifinal against Voskia next Wednesday. The other semifinal will be played between Yukland and Guelphia; the latter played against Adzhatia yesterday, which resulted in 0:0, despite several opportunities on both sides. Juŕ Śapeśnikŏv came close to scoring several times, but missed. The other two participants in the secound group, Kaupelan and host country Yutyrama, were beaten easily by the team of Slava Mariecei, which came as a suprise, as Adzhatia isn't known as an outstanding football nation; for that reason, the tournament attracted more than average attention from the Adzhatian public only yesterday, when it was already clear that our team would go to the semifinals.

The hopes that Adzhatia will manage it into the finals are small however, as Voskia is known as a far stronger team and it is generally expected in Adzhatia that Voskia will win the first FICT Games.

Feliks Mĕśićek appointed new constitutional judge

(24 October) - The Special Commission of Magistrates has found a successor for Vladislaf Hăŕiaðei as a judge of the Adzhatian Constitutional Court. Hăŕiaðei died in August, aged 72, in a domestic incident. The Constitutional Court consists of seven judges who are appointed for life and whose appointment is divided among four parties: the Special Commission of Magistrates, the Dume and the state president each appoint two; the district governors together appoint one. As Hăŕiaðei was appointed by the Special Commission in 1999, it was up to them to find a successor this time. Feliks Mĕśićek (61) has had a long career in the national judiciary, most recently holding the office of judge in the Constitutional Court. He also headed the Law Academy in Kosegińdrăt from 1999 to 2003. Mĕśićek will be officially installed on 1 November.