Ŕanije Erijeź

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Ms. Ŕanije Erijeź (Rаніје Еріјеж, born on 17 July 1962 in Ćŭŕdveź) is an Adzhatian social-democratic politician and is the fourth prime minister of Adzhatia, serving terms from 2006 to 2007, from 2010 to 2011, and again since 12 September 2017.

Political career

Ŕanije Erijeź became a member of the social-democratic party Secializdźiś in 1992, when the party was founded, but it was only in 2004 that the party managed to gain seats in the Dume.

In 2005 ms. Erijeź succeeded Iĺic Śħărivei as party leader and in that capacity she became acting prime minister of an interim coalition government of Secializdźiś and AVŎD on 14 March 2006; this government was confirmed as full fledged government on 30 September of the same year, but lost a no-confidence vote only one year later. Secializdźiś spent three years in opposition, but won the elections in early 2010, after which ms. Erijeź formed a government coalition of her own party with the 'Friends of Europe'-party Ĕrevi Śviveź. On 13 September 2011, the Secializdźiś stepped out of government after a budget disagreement with their own parliamentary group. Ms. Erijeź announced that she will stand again for the party leadership. She won the re-election and has been parliamentary chairwoman of her party since December 2011. In September 2017 she became prime minister once more.


Although ms. Erijeź never married, she has been living together with her partner Kristof Văntaĺĺak since 1997. They have one daughter, Kataŕine (1999).

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