Ăŕva Ośŕoncei

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Ăŕva Ośŕoncei (Ăʀва Ошʀонцеі, born 11 January 1952 in Ashtinok) is an Adzhatian politician of some controversy. He served as both the country's head of state and prime minister in the year 2005, after his movement, the Adzhatian Opposition (Adźaće Oppesicića), forced president Ereh Ħĭnzei and prime minister Pekka Cirpăń out of office in June of that year. He himself was ousted in November 2005.

Political career

After finishing his studies history and politicology at the Moscow State University, Ăŕva Ośŕoncei returned to Adzhatia and started a career in the district government of Kerceze Krais. He was fired in 1989 because his ideas were 'counterproductive' and he had to work in the Ćŭŕdveź shipyards for some time, but after the country became independent, he returned to the political scene. In the period from 1992 to 1999, he served as the country's minister of culture (1992), communication (1992 - 1997) and housing (1997 - 1999), but after president Miheĺ Pjotarśŭn won the 1999 presidential elections with more than 90% of the votes, he resigned and started an opposition movement (the Adzhatian Opposition), that was soon declared illegal by the government.

After the 2004 revolution, a power struggle commenced and the Adzhatian Opposition didn't gain enough support to make it into parliament or government. Ăŕva Ośŕoncei made however use of popular discontent after it was discovered that the ruling liberal party A.V.Ŏ.D. 'bought' the revolution by paying president Miheĺ Pjotarśŭn a large sum of state money to leave the country. Both president Ħĭnzei and prime minister Cirpăń were forced out of office by the Adzhatian Opposition in June 2005 and Ăŕva Ośŕoncei declared himself 'Head of State' of Adzhatia.

In the first few months, Ośŕoncei managed to bring order to the country while he appointed some experts who drafted a new constitution. When it was learned however that Ośŕoncei wanted to turn the country into a monarchy, A.V.Ŏ.D. and the social-democratic party Secializdźiś overran the government offices and ousted Ośŕoncei and his allies. By the end of November 2005, the ten day kingdom that the country had been (and during which Ośŕoncei served as the country's third prime minister), was turned back into a republic.

Ośŕoncei was arrested for high treason soon after the events, but he was cleared of all charges in 2007. Although his movement Adzhatian Opposition was not disbanded, he and it have not played any important role in the country's politics since 2005.

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