Île de Romanhe

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Île de Romanhe is a volcanic island in the southern Indian Ocean, approximately 1500 kilometers north-west of the Kerguelen Islands and 2500 kilometers south-east of South-Africa. The island, that originated from a giant prehistoric eruption, is an isolated, sparsely populated and mountainous country with a climate that is generally cold and windy. The highest mountain peaks reach 2000 meters above sea level. Until 1982 the country was a French colony called Île de Boiguehenneuc, but on 31 December that year, it became independent of France.

Since 2006, Île de Romanhe is a member of the Alliance of Fictional States, since 2009 of the AGL. In 2012, the country joined FICT.

Île de Romanhe
country in the Indian Ocean
Official Name: Républiq Île de Romanhe

Capital: Port de Boiguehenneuc

Population: 72.535 (jan.1, 2021)

Surface: 4,285km2

Population density: 17 inh./km2

Form of government: republic

Demonym:Ilya Roman

Official languages: French, Romanhe

National holiday: 31 December (Independence Day)

Currency: IR Franc

Ilya Roman embassies




Highest Mountain: Piton du Soufre Fétide (2045 m.)
Largest lake: L'Eau Bleue Reservoir
Climate: temperate climate with precipitation in all seasons
Av. temperature in January and July: 16.5°C, resp. 4°C
Av. quantity of precipitation: 620 mm/year


Referencearrow.png Main Article: History of Île de Romanhe


Population growth: 2,7% (2020, 1,7 % natural growth) See: Statistics Île de Romanhe
Life expectancy: male 66,2 female 72,7 years
Cities (+ inhabitants): Port de Boiguehenneuc (45,628), Port Augurq (8,312), La Mère á Boire (4,926), Pointe d'Est (2,510), Estilhe (2,788) Anse du Grand Sable (1,576), Mouton (1,134)
Literacy: 87%
Religions: Roman-Catholic (95%), other (5%)
Universities: Port de Boiguehenneuc (1976)


Île de Romanhe is a republic, headed by a president (also called Azîruqe d'Île de Romanhe or 'First of Île de Romanhe'). The parliament is called Azemble Romanhe (65 members, that are elected every fourth year).

Political Parties of Île de Romanhe include Floq Naxlopa d'Île de Romanhe (FNIR, nationalist party), Union Républicaine d'Île Romaine (URIR, liberal), Floq Kamzher Romanhe (FKR, people's party), Floq Socialiste (FS, socialist), Parti pour le Progrès du Peuple (PPP).

For names of presidents, prime ministers and results of elections, see: Government and administration of Île de Romanhe


GDP: $ 231,131,950 (2020)
Currency: IR Franc (1 IR Franc = $ 0.01)
Inflation: 8% (2020)
Unemployment: 7% (2020)
Working population: agriculture (20%), industry (29%), services (51%)
Export: raw materials, textile
Import: oil, coal, technological products, food
Main trade partners: South-Africa, China, India, Australia
Main companies: Union Minière Romanhe (mining), TéléRomanhe, Irtel (telecom), A.I.R. (Air d'Île de Romanhe, airline)
Important newspapers: La Dépêche d'Île de Romanhe (daily edition of 5900 copies)


Île de Romanhe has one international airport: Aéroport International Jean-François Sirkit Sept (Port de Boiguehenneuc). Near Pointe d'Est is a regional airport. There is also a military airport on the French military base on Île de Romanhe.


Time zone: GMT +4

National anthem

The national anthem of Île de Romanhe is called Les Feux de ma Terre.

News from Île de Romanhe

See; News in brief from Île de Romanhe or; Bulletin de Île de Romanhe (in Dutch) is a newspaper about Île de Romanhe, published some times a year.